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    Barb is an amazing asset to our design team. Her attention to detail and love of fabrics, makes her a designer with inspiration to spare!

    In my downtime, I like to…:

    “Enjoy family and friends! Given that just my husband, son, stepdaughter and 2 grandchildren are local here in Vermont…. that also includes travel! I LOVE cooking and am currently exploring Vegan cooking – gotta be open to some “fails” before you find the right recipes. Walking our 7 year old Golden Retriever and listening to Audible.com – oh and finally – working on the partnership of riding a motorcycle (as a passenger of course) with my husband!”

    My favorite word is:

    “Well – it is a string of a few words (and I am pretty sure my kids would tell you I shared it with them many, many times growing up ) ….”You can’t stop a Charger!” My high school in San Antonio, Texas was Winston Churchill HS – we were the “Churchill Chargers!” That was our motto and it has become mine in life – through so many facets – you sometimes just need to believe in who you are what you are made of and keep going!”

    If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?:

    “I have been asked this question at other times and I am not going to overthink it – the first person who popped in my mind is Gloria Steinem! As a freshman at the University of Texas in Austin, I had the opportunity to introduce her as a guest speaker at our student union. I knew who she was and a bit about her journey, but it would be totally cool to actually sit with her over dinner and listen to her share her journey and inspirations for the work she did for women, and her goals for our society as we keep making strides today!”

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    Barb’s Portfolios:

    Dreamy Drapery | Hillside by O’Brien Farm  |  Village Wine & Coffee   |   Mid-Century Modern  |  Provenance Woven WoodsRoman Shades/Valances  |  Skylight Solutions  | Lake Champlain Home | Windows dressed in Willsboro, NY

    Supporting LOCAL | All the Magic! | Vermont fun! | Another Happy Client! | Wonderful Wovens | Hoppin’ on the Ferry! | Fun in the Field | Delish Draperies | Sending LOVE when WFH | Hittin’ the road with Ryan

    Listen to Barb’s Clients:

    “Every time I visit the shop, I walk away thinking ‘Wow that is a group of cheerful knowledgeable professionals.’ Not exactly the feeling I get about the box stores… I made an appointment for a consult and Barb Bode showed up right on time…another Gordon professional. She had a ready smile, knew her product front to back, and had a designer’s eye that made working with her a treat instead of chore. I had a hard time deciding and moved the goal posts three times trying to come up with a final decision. Barb was infinitely patient, flexible and good humored with me throughout. Bottom line: these folks are the real deal. I don’t see how you could do better. 5 stars!” – Greg W. in Stowe

    “My meeting with Barb was great. She is very professional, listened to my ideas and was extremely patient with my constantly changing ideas. Barb also offered different ideas to think about. There are so many options available! It is overwhelming, but exciting. I look forward to working with Barb on these projects.” Sharon C. in Willsboro, NY

    “The consultation with Barb  was wonderful as I already knew it would be…I think Gordon’s is absolutely terrific and Barb Bode is a gem! Thanks for asking.” —Mary L. in Marshfield

    “Our consultation with Barb was fantastic. She is a gem! 🙂 She answered all our questions and was very helpful. Thanks so much for reaching out and thank you for being…shady!” 😉 Allysa W. in Williston

    “Barb has been phenomenal. Punctual, knowledgeable, professional yet very friendly and has excellent follow through. During our initial consultation our cleaners were there and our dog was barking non-stop. She wasn’t fazed by any of it! My husband is a Veteran and she thanked him for his service, which was huge for him; not many people do that these days. We will use Gordon’s again in the future simply due to our interactions with Barb. Thank you!” – Lea C. in Milton

    Check out her Designer Journal ‘On the Road with Barb’ Series!

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     Barb’s Chunky Chicken Chili  Recipe Front Recipe Back

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