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    WCSC recommends that only cordless window coverings or window coverings with inaccessible cords be used in homes with young children and pets.

    As many of you have likely heard, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) passed a new mandatory rule that applies to all window coverings with exposed cords and chains. In this rule, window covering cords are officially defined as a substantial product hazard. Though we don’t have all the details, the rule is expected to take effect in May 2023 and will ban window covering cords longer than 8”, or that can form a loop large enough for a child’s head to pass through.

    We absolutely understand this may give you cause for concern so we wanted to reach out proactively to let you know that we are working with industry partners to come up with alternative products as well as retrofit options for existing products. As the saying goes- necessity is the mother of invention and we are confident the industry will respond to this change with some awesome innovation!

    For now, we will continue offering corded products, but unfortunately we will not be able to offer our same warranty. Should this rule follow Canada’s lead, which it has so far, we will not be able to repair corded products. Again, this might feel concerning, but we believe the retrofit solutions we are exploring will help us in this regard. If you want to explore products that comply with the regulations just give us a call- there is a broad range of options.

    Gordon’s is committed to our clients, so please trust we will not leave you without a solution for your windows.

    Child Safe Options

    1. Motorized window treatment solutions – Almost all window treatments can be motorized making shades safe and easy to operate.
    2. Cordless window treatments – No cords, no hassles!
    3. EcoSmart Cellular Shades – Our EcoSmart shades come standard with a breakaway cord equalizer, and our continuous cord shades have a hold down that is screwed to the wall.  Cordless and motorized upgrades are available on all EcoSmart shades.

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