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    Whether it's your home or store front that needs added security or more privacy, Gordon’s has security solutions for you.

    Whether you have a store front, a home that you leave for part of the year, or just are interested in added security Gordon’s has solutions for you.

    When clients talk to us about security they generally have two different concerns:

    “I leave Vermont for the winter and am afraid that if there is a storm my windows could shatter creating a really dangerous situation. Along the same lines I am a store owner and have large display windows on a busy street so I am concerned about vandals shattering my windows.”

    For this concern we have a special window film that was designed to deal with this exact issue. If something hits the window with a great deal of force instead of shattering into the room and leaving the window open the film will keep the glass in place preventing further damage from high winds and rains AND will stop vandals from being able to reach through the glass.

    “I live in a remote area and I want to feel safe when I arrive home at night or when I am home alone.”

    Motorization plays a large role in dealing with this concern. We are able to link a client’s window shades into their home security system, or simply program them to operate on an iPhone or iPad so a home owner is able to lower the shades before heading home helping to make them feel more secure.

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    Privacy and Insulation EcoSmart Cellular Shades

    Top Down/Bottom Up Shades are so stylish. Not only that, they help manage the view, light, and privacy all at once. Ideal for for bedrooms, bathrooms and any window facing the street. The must-have shading system for maximum privacy management.

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