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Window Film

Many consumers consider window film to be the best investment among all window solutions. The proper window film enhances view through, protects the family and home from harmful UV rays, reduces heat and reduces glare. It can even help discourage break ins!

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UV Protection: Generally, fading of furniture, floors and artwork can be attributable to four things: 40% is caused by Ultra Violet (UV) light, 25% is caused by visible light, another 25% by heat and the remaining 10% can be linked to humidity, pollutants, dye stability etc. This means that our window film which blocks about 99% of the UV coming through your windows will prevent about 40% of the fading that will occur! That could add years to the life of floors and furniture! Not to mention protection for the entire family’s skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Madico Film

Heat Reduction: Solar Control window film can block up to 80% of the heat coming into the home from the sun- that makes a huge difference in cooling costs as air conditioners work less hard to keep the home cool.


Window film makes a huge difference

Glare Reduction: Window film reduces glare. Window film technology has advanced so much in the past few years, glare reduction can be achieved without having to choose a film that will completely darken the room!


We offer decorative films as well.

Gordon’s has done the research to make sure we are offering the best film in the industry.

Madico film benefits.

There are many kinds of film and depending on your needs, our expert designers can guide you to the right film for your home and business. Schedule an appointment with one of our designers today!

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