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Shutters are considered furniture for your window and they truly are. Each shutter is a work of art. Everything from the panel to the hinges is customizable so almost every shutter  project is unique. Shutters are available stained or painted to match your home.

Interior shutters make a statement on a window. They are a clean, classic way to achieve light control, privacy, and UV control. Real wood is fabulous for its quality as well as the ability to match just about any trim, floor or decor. Composite faux wood is perfect for homes in which durability and humidity control are issues.

Shutters can be a fabulous solution for odd-shaped windows as they can be customized to just about any shape.

Please see our designer’s portfolio to see how well shutters complement any decor! Shutter Portfolio

We invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our designers to find the right shutters for your home.


Kitchen Shutter

These shutters illustrate how cut-outs for door handles can create a perfect, custom look.

Cafe shutters

Cafe shutters are wonderful for maintaining your view and giving you privacy.


Shutters can work in any room.


Do you think because you have odd shaped windows, shutters are not an option?  Think again, we can help.


Shutters come in a variety of designs and operations. Arches, cafe, and doors to name a few.

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