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    A stylish way to solve many of the practical problems a window presents.

    Shutters will make a bold statement in your home. Each shutter is a work of art, here at Gordon’s we think of shutters as beautiful hand crafted furniture for your window. Every part of the shutter from the color of the hinges to the panel size is a custom choice so when we design shutters they are truly designed for your home and style. Shutters are a classic way to achieve light control, privacy, and UV control.  Because they can be built-in real wood, a composite or faux wood, we are able to make sure you’re getting a product that is exactly right for the climate and humidity of your space. Odd-shaped windows and shutters are a match made in window treatment heaven. They can be customized to just about any shape. Want to match the exact paint or stain in your home? You can do that with shutters.

    Imagine being able to change the mood of any room with just a touch of your shutters. How would it feel to walk into a room and instantly achieve ideal comfort? Think about how confident you’ll be when guests and family come over and notice the added beauty, comfort and privacy of your home. There are numerous styles and options; bi-fold, café, plantation, hidden tilt and so much more.

    One of our expert designers will come to your home, discuss your needs and guide you to the shutter that fits your décor and your lifestyle.

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