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    Homeowners pay an average of 10% - 25% of their energy bill for air that is escaping out their windows.

    Heat control is one of the most important aspects of energy efficiency. Whether that heat control is about keeping the heat in or out, as Vermonters we know a thing a two about extreme temperatures. We know what they mean to our comfort level in our homes and we know what they mean to our wallets.

    Between freezing cold winters and sweltering summer heat at Gordon’s we know the importance of finding a window treatment that can deal with both. We know we need to fight as hard to keep the heat out in the summer as we do to keep it in in the winter. We have several products that are designed to deal with heat control.

    EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades help keep you and your home comfortable year round:

    How do cellular insulating (or honeycomb) shades work?

    • EcoSmart Insulating cellular shades control heat by creating a barrier between the window and your room much the insulation you put between your walls. So when the sun is beating on your window the shade is helping keep that heat out of your room.
    • EcoSmart Insulating cellular shades greatly reduce convection current. Convection current is when the warm air in your room hits the cold window and drops down into the room creating a current of cold that makes you uncomfortable and makes your heating system work overtime.
    • EcoSmart Insulating cellular shades dramatically increase your window’s R-value. Check out our independent studies to see just how powerful our shades are!

    Learn more about EcoSmart Cellular Shades

    EcoSmart Roller Shades help keep you cool:

    • Many of our EcoSmart Roller Shade fabrics are designed to control heat by keeping your room cooler without having to crank the AC.
    • EcoSmart Roller Shade fabrics have great view-through so you can lower your shade to keep cool while still enjoying your light and views- this makes them perfect for sunrooms so you can still enjoy all the light and feeling of being in the outdoors without working up a sweat!

    Learn more about EcoSmart Roller Shades

    Window Film

    Our Madico Window Film is adhered to the inside of your window and many types are specially designed to deal with heat control and glare. Many Madico films can keep out up to 86% of the heat coming in a window- talk about dramatic heat control!

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