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    Since Gordon’s has a production facility, we are able to offer repair services most shades that we built (how cool is that? We make them AND we fix them!). Because our shades just go and go and go, we will get shades in that are 18 years old and just need a simple restring- it makes us feel so good to think about how much energy (money!) our clients have saved with their shades over that 18 years.

    We work hard to repair as much as we possibly can here in Williston. If there are shades we are not able to repair we are happy to send them to our vendor partners to get your shade in great working order.

    We are happy to facilitate a shade repair from another manufacturers, too.

    We will contact the vendor, set up the repair, ship the shade out and have it drop shipped right to your door for maximum convenience or if you would like to see our friendly faces again, we will ship it right back here to our Williston showroom and give you a jingle when it’s ready for pick up.

    We charge actual shipping as well as the vendor fee for said repair and a handling fee.

    If you have a shade that needs some TLC just give us at call at 802-655-7777 or visit us. We will chat through what is going on with the shade and can let you know what you can expect the repair will cost and about how long it will take to repair. If you have a shade that you are not able to take out of the window to bring into us, for a reasonable trip charge, one of our installers will be happy to come to your home to help!

    “As you may know, the consultation was a nightmare. Just kidding! Actually it was the first and only time a business has gone out of their way to help us, and stood behind their product 20 years after it was first installed. I had called to price replacing the big window blind, thinking it probably would be possible to re-string the broken cord on the unit. Michele showed up and was not pushy at all. She listened, and when we asked about the longshot possibility of replacing the cord she offered to take the blind down and see if the guys in the shop could fix it, if the product was yours and the original buyers were in your records. Boy were we surprised when Michele called and said it was fixed, free of charge. Since when does that happen? Never! So, yes we are very happy with Gordon’s, from the initial phone call, clear communication, professional service, and standing behind their products. We will definitely pass the word on and shop there in the future.” – Glenn F. in Burlington, VT

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