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Horizontal window shades like roller shades, cellular insulating shades or roman shades are a stylish way to solve many of the practical problems a window presents like reduced energy efficiency, light control and privacy. Often times clients ask us what the difference is between a blind and window shade and the main difference is that typically you can see through a blind because it has slats like a wood blind or a mini blind. Window shades on the other hand, are generally one piece of material like roller shade fabric, cellular fabric or regular drapery fabric so there is wonderful light control and privacy, but no view-through.

The breadth of options when it comes to window shades can be overwhelming which is why the design team at Gordon’s has been trained to listen to our client’s unique needs in order to help narrow down all the options to the product that’s right for that specific home.

Whether you are looking for a natural woven shade or a more contemporary shading solution like a Silhouette from Hunter Douglas we will have the right product just for you.

Click any of the shade types below for photos, links to portfolios, and more! If you would like to schedule an in-home consultation please click here!


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