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    There are a many choices for Roller/Solar Shades on the market and GWD is proud to be building the best- the EcoSmart Roller Shades.

    First, what is a Solar Shade? A Solar shade, or sometimes referred to as a Roller Shade, is a shade that is used for aesthetics (they’re sleek and contemporary) and for light control. They typically operate either with a motor for fabulous convenience or they have a chain that operates with a clutch. Roller shades are available in a wide variety of fabrics and opacity, so there is something for every style. They are low maintenance, easy to operate, which makes them a go-to choice for many homeowners.

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    One of the biggest things that differentiates our EcoSmart Roller/Solar Shade is the hardware system we use. We build with one of the most well-regarded hardware systems in the industry: the Rollease System. What this means to a consumer is that the clutches won’t fail, and the shades will raise and lower almost effortlessly. If something does happen, we stand behind our product and offer an aggressive 25 year warranty.

    The fabrics that are available are on the cutting edge: from fabrics that are made from recycled content and are fully recyclable, to fabrics that have metalized backings to reflect heat back out of windows to fabrics that can resist the MRSA virus. If you have a need, we have a solution.

    Solar shades are a great way to cut glare in a home. They afford fantastic see through while blocking the light and heat which makes rooms more comfortable without shutting out the view.

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