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    Since Gordon’s is a production facility, we offer repair services for the shades we build. (how cool is that? We make them AND we fix them!). Because our shades just go and go and go, we will get shades in that are 18 years old and just need a simple restring- it makes us feel so good to think about how much energy (money!) our clients have saved with their shades over that 18 years.
    We work hard to repair as much as we possibly can, here in Williston. If there are shades we are not able to repair in-house, we are happy to send them to our vendor partners to get your shade in great working order.

    "I would choose Gordon’s every time given the outstanding service I received from Amy for a very small Item. I was looking to replace a handle on a cell shade, and maybe have one restrung. It was installed before we owned the property. I thought the previous owner had purchased them here but I was wrong. Yet Amy researched the issue , provided several options, including a way to fix it myself! I was very impressed with the service I received. It said so much about the company and their employees. Thank you!"

    Susan C.

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