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    Hey everyone, you gotta meet Sarah!

    She joined GWD in ’21, but it already feels like she’s been here forEVER. Sarah started as our much needed Retail Project Coordinator, and soon it became apparent, Sarah has many gifts. She is now our  Fulfillment Coordinator. We are SO giddy she is here!

    In my downtime, I like to:

    “…make art, listen to live music, get my hands in some dirt, binge a podcast, be at the ocean, learn new things, and cuddle-puddle with my fiancé and our cat-monster.”

    My favorite word:


    If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?

    “I’d love to have dinner with my great-great grandmother, and listen to as many of her stories as possible. So many little histories and folk stories are altered by or lost to time… It would be such a gift to hear about her life in Ireland, and about the lives of the people she loved there!”

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