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    Stationary Panels -Most Bang for your Buck!

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    Drapery is versatile. It will change any space, instantly. From insulating, adding privacy and creating visual illusions.

    Stationary Panels are MAGIC. “How?”, you ask… They create Optical Illusions. Do you have narrow or oddly-shaped windows? Then Stationary Panels that are hung wider than your windows will create the illusion of height and width. This creates a grander presentation. Stationary Panels are such an ingenious design solution that are perfect for your wallet and a GREAT way to get gorgeous fabrics into your home. Stationary Drapery frame your windows. As a window treatment for a single or bay window, Stationary Panels are a wonderful way to warm up and finish your space!

    Stationary Panels are draperies that stay still. And once they’re installed, they stay in place. They may not close, but boy oh boy, do they add texture, color and that POP homeowner’s love.

    Do you have vaulted ceilings or oddly shaped windows? Unusually shaped windows can add drama and elegance to a home. However, they do create particular challenges. Shading odd shaped windows is a time to add a decorative touch, while providing privacy, light control and insulation.

    Our expert Designers have seen it ALL. With almost 4 decades in this very specialized field, the team at Gordon’s will find the right solution for your windows, your budget and your home.

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