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    Vermont is a beautiful place to live and it also comes with extremes- extreme heat and extreme cold. Those extremes can make keeping a home comfortable VERY costly.

    At Gordon’s Window Décor, we have window covering solutions that were designed specifically to deal with the energy loss that is inherent in windows. Our window shades and blinds are an affordable, easy way to make your home more energy efficient!

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    EcoSmart Insulating Shade

    EcoSmart insulating shades make a home more energy efficient by trapping air between the shade and the glass which stops the transfer of heat or cold into a room. Want to learn more about EcoSmart Shades? You can download several studies that have been done proving the efficacy of EcoSmart Insulating Shades right here!

    Click here to learn more about EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades.

    EcoSmart Cellular Shades Now Eligible for Efficiency Vermont Rebates.

    Energy-Saving Sidetracks

    EcoSmart energy-saving side tracks add extra insulation and light-blocking to any of our cellular shade styles, with the exception of motorized shades. These smart, energy-saving wonders maximize the already outstanding r-value provided by our insulating cellular fabrics. Attached to your window frame using a magnet system, they are also easy to remove for window cleaning.

    NOTE: Energy-Saving Sidetracks are available for shades mounted inside the window frame and those with double-cell fabric, only.

    EcoSmart Roller Shades

    Roller shades have come a long way in the past few years especially in terms of the fabrics available. Roller shades are designed to deal with heat and glare. Fabrics that are black allow for fabulous see through, but can absorb heat making them not the most energy efficient choice. So we found a fabulous fabric from Germany that is black with a metalized back so the see through can not be beat AND it reflects the sun back out the window making it a great, energy efficient choice! Click here to learn more about EcoSmart Roller Shades!

    Window Film

    State of art window film keeps the view through your window almost completely unobstructed while still reflecting significant amounts of solar heat gain. Click here to learn more about Window Film!

    Energy Efficiency FAQ

    What is R-Value?

    R-Value is the measure of a given material’s resistance to heat flow- how well it resists heat gain or loss. The higher the R-Value the better the insulation. Several factors influence the R-value of your windows which include:

    • Type of glazing material
    • Number of layers of glass
    • Thermal resistance of the frame and spacer materials
    • “Tightness” of the installation

    The window coverings you select also have an R-Value. Adding insulating cellular shades to your windows can block as much as 62% of the heat transfer through a window pane (1).

    What is the R-Value of Insulating Cellular Shades?

    Determining the exact R-Value of a window covering can be difficult as there is no standardized test for the window covering industry.

    Gordon’s Window Décor has had several independent entities like Harvard and Energy Balance test our EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades to help us determine an approximate R-Value for our shades. These tests all found the shades to be very effective insulators and the R-Values ranged from about 1.2-4 (not including the window) depending on the fabric, installation and operating conditions. The most efficient combination is our double cell blackout fabric with sidetracks.

    What is U-Factor?

    U-factor is the measure of a window’s ability to inhibit the flow of heat. The lower the U-Factor the more energy efficient the window. This is the inverse of R-Factor (i.e. a U-Factor of .5 equals an R-Factor of 2).

    Does Light Filtering or Blackout fabric have a higher R-Value?

    Our blackout fabric is more energy efficient than our light filtering fabric. The blackout fabric has a Mylar coating inside the cell which contributes to its ability to insulate your window.

    Do you have a product that creates a 4-sided seal?

    Yep! We offer energy saving sidetracks with our EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades. You can expect the sidetracks to increase the R-value of your window covering solution about 20%.

    What are EcoSmart Shades made of?

    EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades are made from non-woven, bonded polyester fabric that is dust resistant and incredibly durable. It resists fading and will not fray. Our brackets and rails are all made out of aluminum and our cord is the strongest in the industry.

    Are EcoSmart Shades recyclable?

    The major components in our shades are polyester and aluminum, both of which are recyclable, but the glue and dies that are used to construct our shades render it unrecyclable. However, because of their durability and energy efficiency EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades doe reduce our carbon footprint, improve sustainability and make your space more comfortable- now that’s a smart choice!

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