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Woven Woods and Bamboo Shades

Bring a bit of nature into your home with these gorgeous woven woods made from natural fibers. Natural shades are a great way to bring texture into a room without being too overpowering. They are available with blackout or privacy lining or with just the fibers themselves. The blackout lining is a great option for media rooms or living room. The privacy lining allows some light to filter into the room, but blocks visibility from the outside to maintain privacy.

Woven woods (Natural Shades) are available in most Roman options (click here to learn more about Roman options). The opportunities to customize are endless. There is banding available on both the shade and the valance. Banding can help create a more finished look while leaving the shade without banding lets the Natural fibers carry the design. There are many valance options with size, banding or trimming all available to really help the shade work with any decor. There are many ways to operate Woven Woods: cordless, motorized, top down bottom up- as well as standard and continuous cord.

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Check out our designer’s portfolio to see how beautiful Woven Woods look in a real home! Woven Wood Portfolio 

Endless textures and colors!

Delicious textures and colors.


Woven Wood Top Down Bottom Up

Woven Wood Shade with Top Down Bottom Up operation, inset banding on the valance and no lining to really allow the fibers of the shade to show.

Woven textured shades will compliment drapery, if added light-control is your concern.

The banding on these woven woods creates a really nice finished look and pulls the rest of the room’s decor together.

Roman woven wood shades bring nature into your decor.

Roman woven wood shades bring nature into your decor. NOW with operable room-darkening lining.

 Click to see it see the operable lining in action!

Woven woods work well in any room in your home.

Woven woods work well in any room in your home.

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