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    On the Road with Barb

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

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    At Gordon’s we believe you never stop learning. When we learn from each other, we are a stronger team.

    Our Designers and Installers schedule one day a month to explore the other’s world. The change in perspective is invaluable, different challenges arise, knowledge gained and “Huh I didn’t think of it that way.” is often uttered.

    Early September. Ryan, our Installer, rode along with Barb, our Designer…and here’s what happened!

    Episode 1.

    “So today Ryan and I rode together and he got to experience a bit of ‘the life of a Designer’. We probably had close to 4 solid hours together in the car – arrived back in Williston, and amazingly neither complained of a headache wearing a mask through it!

    We finished up our last appointment so close to Lake Willoughby that we had to enjoy a brief visit  (see pictures below)

    Highlights of the day ~
    • 45 minutes of unpaved roads (gotta love Subaru)
    • A loveable mini Golden Doodle that hugged our legs for a solid couple of minutes
    • We learned Guinea Fowls eat ticks – a client has a 1 year old that got a tick….the purchase of 10’ish was a no brainer.
    • The leaves are turning in Orleans County
    • We saw Hunger Mountain from one client’s home, and an entire range of peaks including Burke Mtn. from the last client’s home and Jay Peak as we headed back!
    • Ryan is newer to the area – he now has a bunch of recommended restaurants to try along with “Poorhouse Pies” of Underhill!
    What I learned ~
    • When discussing Motorized Shades as an option with clients – If we are also discussing changing out traditional crank handles for “Butterfly “ handles – the limits might have to be reset!
    • Ryan loves to hike
    • Ryan can last all day without a pit stop 
    • But most importantly…Ryan got engaged 3 weeks ago !!! 
    A great day ~ thank you everyone for supporting this cross training!
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