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    Meet Michele Krol!

    She brings decades of experience working in design and retail. We are SO excited she is part of our GWD team.

    In my downtime:

    “I spend it with my teenage daughter and canine crew of two. Currently we have been going on walks and teaching my daughter to drive:) We try to be outside and near bodies of water(my zen) as much as possible! I have been known to golf, kayak, paddleboard, hike, zipline and I did jump out of a plane once. I love to frequent our camp in the Adirondacks, travel and explore just about anywhere, especially to be with family & friends. I design jewelry and am planning to flip/renovate buildings in the future. Foremost, I am guiding my daughter through dance, high school and preparing for college. Then I will race an Audi TT around a track, zroom zroom…”

    My favorite word is:

    ” ‘Carry On’  Guess it is two! Like a river that water only passes through once, in life every hour, minute and second only passes through once. They are a gift, once gone we can never get them back!”

    If I could have dinner with anyone past or present it would be:

    “My Mom…to be with her, hear her voice and hug her one more time……priceless!”

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    Michele’s Portfolios:

    Enjoying Life with the Top Down | Shaded in Sugarbush | Velvet Drapery-Layered Look  | Challenging Home Automation | Modern Roman Shades | Cute Postwar Cottage | Hunter Douglas Pirouettes | Amazing Adks | Insulated in Winooski | New Shades for New Addition

    Michele from the field‘Ruff’ clients  |  Masked up & Ready to Design | Gorgeous in Stowe | Opera Getaway | Whiteface Selfie! | On the Road has it’s perks

    Listen to Michele’s Clients:

    “Michele is a pleasure to work with. Had great ideas on how to set up our bedroom shades. Great shades. Room darkening that really works. Your installer was very detail oriented. Pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable about the product. Really pleased with the shades. Looking forward to the new drapes that are in the works.”- Ken. N in Milton, VT

    “Met with Michele this morning. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated her expertise, and her listening skills—she listened and thereafter made suggestions inside of my parameters—not that she did not say “this might be of interest too”! However she did not push in any direction I did not want to go. You have a winner in her, in my opinion. Because she let me do the shopping, I am taking some advice and looking into a shade I might not have considered; she just made me feel that she was being a help, and not a salesperson, if you see the distinction….Anyway, give this woman a raise and a corner office with a view!!” – Pat H. in Plattsburgh

    “Michele was fantastic. She was helpful, on time, respectful of our space and knowledgeable about the product. We also appreciated her suggestions.” – Angele

    “Michele is doing an awesome job. She is so efficient, helpful and flexible, which I greatly appreciate during these crazy times. I look forward to seeing the finished product! Thanks.” – Hilary

    “Michele was amazing. She took the time to go thru her books and show me what I might like and what would look good. I totally enjoyed spending the afternoon with Michele going over different options for our curtains and rods. I’m very excited about having new curtains. Thanks for reaching out to me.” – Judy R.

    “Michele was great, especially with her patience as we deliberated and took forever to decide what we wanted to do. She was right there when we had questions though! Happy to pay for local and for quality work.”- Grady and Jane V.


    Check out her Designer Blog ‘Measurin’ and Motorin’ with Michele’ Series!

    Episode 1 

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