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    "You're my blue sky, you're my sunny day..." - The Allman Brothers

    designed by Michele Krol
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    Michele Krol
    EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades, Motorized Shade, Sliding Panels
    Bedroom, Guest Rooms, Living Room

    When our client reached out to us and said, “Please call me. We need custom shades for our home in Bomoseen.” It could have meant one room, 13 rooms, a main bedroom or 9 bedrooms.

    That’s why our Designers have a virtual consultation before heading to their homes/offices.

    Michele‘s client expressed a desperate need for heat control for their 12+ foot high window wall, which gets direct sunlight (and intense solar gain!) in the morning and early afternoon.

    Michele came up with an amazing solution that included:

    On the lower sliding doors, Michele designed with Comfortex Ovation Cellular Sliding panels. Ovation Slider solutions provide wonderful privacy and most of all, insulate. The tall, angled windows above were a bit more of a challenge. She and her client decided that designing with a Palladian shelf would provide a a sturdy housing for our made in Vermont, EcoSmart Cellular Shades. Motorizing these four shades only made sense.

    The next solution was easy! Our client has lovely French doors that lead to a guestroom. Again, insulation and privacy were a MUST. A Comfortex Ovation Cellular Slider once again seemed like the obvious choice. Now, their guests will have privacy when needed and our homeowner will be able to insulate that part of the house when not occupied. The Ovation operates so smoothly and easily. It has a narrow stack back when not in use, which appealed to our homeowner.

    Not shown are the numerous additional EcoSmart Cellular Shades, some in Room-Darkening and others in Light-Filtering, that provide energy savings and privacy in the main bedroom and bath.

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