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  • Whitehouse Inn

    Historical Inn on 15 acres featuring 18 guest rooms, a restaurant and tavern.

    designed by Michele Krol
    Customer Type
    Hotel, Restaurant
    Michele Krol
    Drapery, EcoSmart Roller Shades, Roman Shades, Wood Blinds
    Dining Rooms, Event Room, Living Room, Sitting Room

    “Perched on a hilltop, The White House Inn is a picturesque nature escape that beckons visitors year after year. Originally built as a summer home for a lumber baron in 1915, the Inn is known for its quirks and whimsical touches that have been preserved through the decades. Escape to the Green Mountains and leave with your own story to tell.” – courtesy of The Whitehouse Inn

    Historic. Classic. Timeless. Boasting a secret staircase, and a bank vault, as well as these time capsules.

    After Michele finished with the formal dining room, she got a call. “Our bartenders are being blinded by the afternoon sun! We need your help!” 

    The galley cocktail lounge is such a inviting space. Newly renovated, with modern amenities, provides their guests a perfect spot to unwind after a day of frolicking in Vermont. However, the afternoon Sun was blinding their bartenders.

    Michele knew our made in Vermont, EcoSmart Roller Shades would cut the painful glare, while preserving the views. She suggested automating all the shading. This way, the staff, with a push of a button could shade the entire room.

    Details: EcoSmart Roller Shades
    Fabric: 3% Gray/Gray
    Fascia: 3 inch, Fabric Wrapped

    Michele and interior designer Eileen Boyd, collaborated beautifully in this lovely lounge, on the other side of the hallway. They selected a the classic real wood of Hunter Douglas Parkland Wood Blinds brings warmth and luxury to the space.

    Such a timeless classic- the horizontal wood blinds look like they have always been there. Elegant and understated.

    Details: 2 inch Wood Blinds
    Color: Molasses
    Valance: Artemis
    Decorative Tape: “City Loft”

    The Garden Room, is a room filled with classic architectural details -including a secret passageway. (every historic inn, needs one of those)
    When you’re vacationing, and you tumble out of bed, to go downstairs for breakfast, how delightful is it, when THIS is the room that greets you.

    Your rested and relaxed, ready to greet whatever the day has for you.
    Did someone say, ‘relaxed’?
    These Relaxed Roman Shades make the windows appear to smiling at the guests, especially with this cheerful floral print.


    Fabric: Thibaut Design
    “Anna French”
    Pattern: ‘Cleo’
    Color: Green/White
    Lined: Light-Filtering

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    "We absolutely LOVE our new Roller Shades! They are perfect! Thank you GWD for a beautiful job!"

    The Whitehouse Inn

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