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    designed by Michele Krol
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    Michele Krol
    EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades
    Home Office, Main Bedroom

    Ok first thing first, NOTHING is better than going to one of our awesome client’s homes to photograph their shades, and being greeted by a supermodel pupper!
    “She was muggin’ for the camera! I couldn’t resist!”, said our staff photog.

    When our clients built their new main bedroom suite with amazing tall ceilings, gorgeous stained glass, and equally tall/wide window, they needed GWD’s help. Our Designer Michele knew exactly what would create a soothing, cooling space for rest.

    Knowing privacy was the utmost concern, Michele suggested our made in Vermont, EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades – a shading solution that operated from the “Top Down”. There is not a better shade on the market to control your light and privacy.

    When the shade is closed, the double cell fabric gently filters the light to create an ambient glow to every space. Michele and her client selected the fabric color ‘Linen Sand’ to complement the wall color and create such a warm, inviting space.

    In the home office, Michele suggested a brighter color: ‘Cotton’. EcoSmart Cellular Shade made once again with the ‘Top Down’ feature. There is nothing better than soft filtered light cascading in, and your privacy (and let’s be honest, less distractions) maintained.

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    "We love our shades! We have had great service and love having your company as part of our community. Thanks for everything you do for your customers, and for the local economy."

    Cathy in Winooski, VT

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