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    On the Road with Barb Episode 5

    "There is a cleanliness, a breadth & sweep & strength in the north, a purifying realization that one is living close to the fundamental elements of life. Yes, the north has a spell."- E. Sevareid

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    Our Designers and Installers schedule one day a month to explore the other’s world. The change in perspective is fresh, exciting especially when challenges arise. Invaluable knowledge is always gained and “Huh I didn’t think of it that way.” is often exclaimed!

    Our Designer Barb, traveled the day with our Installer Ryan.

    “Yesterday’s journey was brief, but ever so long on lessons! Ryan and I worked together on 2 projects – the first was a drapery installation in Burlington, the second an installation in Colchester – 2 very wiiiiiiiide Roller Shades.

    Our drapery project was one in which this Designer “held her breath” at times. Here in Vermont, it is not uncommon to encounter uneven surfaces in homes! While a client might say, “I want my draperies to be just 1/4″ or 1/2″ off the floor,” – if the floor is uneven … quite a bit of fine detail adjusting is required. Microflex adjustable plastic hooks were key in completing this project.

    Here is a picture of this contemporary “pin” for pinch pleat drapery.


    (A plastic hook which can be sewn into a handmade Pinch Pleat heading. The overall length of the hook is 95mm with an adjustable hook to allow you to lower and higher your curtains to a precise drop.)


    CS Drapery Track by: Forest Group Drapery Hardware

    Carole Fabrics:

    • “Velvet Touch” Color: Avocado 
    • “Strobelight”  Color: Soft Gray

    Following the successful completion of that project, off we went to Colchester. Our next project included 2, 106″ wide EcoSmart Roller Shades with fascia.

    This solution, designed by Michele Krol, another fabulous member of our Design team, provided an elegant solution to a sitting room where the sun beams in most days!

    Ryan is marvelously meticulous. LTR: Installing a P-Clip for safety, Adjusting Ball Stop, Checking clearance of chain.

    The clients were excited to have a solution to the glare and oftentimes heat – while still holding onto a lovely view of their backyard! Yesterday there was some sun that peeked out as we installed the shades – reflection off snow can be just as bright as a summer sun full on !

    • My lessons with this project included:
      * the importance of “dry fit first” – brackets may need to be adjusted ever so slightly
      * how fascia connects to the bracket (a clean finishing look that “hides” the fabric roll)
      * the step to add the chain/operation component to the roller shade

    Here is the simple, beautiful result – our client loved it! Nice job Michele!!!

    The day ended with an inspection of another wide product – a 123″ Natural Woven Shade! You’ll hear a bit more about this project down the road – just sharing that it is always our goal to check over one more time, the beautiful treatments that will become finishing touches to your windows!

    I want to end with probably the most important lesson of the day. KINDNESS!
    Ryan and I enjoyed our visits immensely – and for this Designer, the invisible product Gordon’s Window Decor delivers time and time again is authentic kindness. I am proud of that value in our company, and I strive to slow down and truly connect with clients when working with them. What is so appreciated oftentimes is not just the detail(s) of a window treatment solution – but the content of our connection and conversation!

    Stay warm these next few days…😊
    Cheers, Barb (and Ryan!)

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