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Draperies and Top Treatments

Fabric is the most enduring product in the window covering industry. From the most sumptuous homes in the 14th century to homes across the country today there will always be a place for draperies.

We are proud to sew many of our own soft goods, and our designers delight in finding the perfect fabrics and styles for their clients. A simple top treatment can add a splash of color to a room, or a full dramatic drapery can become the center-piece of a room. Our designers are experts at listening to their clients to make sure they are getting exactly what is right for their home.

Check out the photos below to get a sense of what a little fabric can do for a space!

Want to learn the lingo- click here to learn some “soft good” (industry speak for fabric treatments like draperies) terms and definitions!

We invite you to Schedule your FREE shop-from-home appointment with one of our designers to discuss drapery ideas and find the most appealing drapes and top treatments for your home.

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