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    On The Road with Barb Episode 2.

    Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” ― Jack Kerouac

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    Our Designers and Installers schedule one day a month to explore the other’s world. The change in perspective is invaluable, different challenges arise, knowledge gained and “Huh I didn’t think of it that way.” is often uttered.

    On the road with our Designer Barb and our Installer, Greg Hardy!

    “Greg survived a long day in the car with me – this day’s appointments took us to Isle La Motte and then up to Lake Carmi...  a new lake to both of us!  (And – YES, we did make the sale that will provide some lovely Roller Shades to look out to that gorgeous lake, but keep the camp a lot cooler in the morning sun!😎).

    Lake Carmi, Enosburg Falls, VT


    Highlights of the day ~

    • Greg is quite the skier….  but – I Iearned his favorite mountain he experienced was in Switzerland.
    • Greg loves cheese – a fav cheese is also from Europe –  Raclette cheese
    • Greg is currently working to eat gluten only 1x week, so we had a couple of conversations about rice and quinoa! Gotta balance that cheese.😉


    What I learned ~
    • working for a copier machine company is not something either of us want to EVER do, in the future
    • my laser measure does seem to be ok – we came back to the shop and tested both of ours to see how they perform….  even after a solid test …my laser is accurate.
    • I was able to add a tiny bit to the, still acceptable, vocabulary of skiers – “yard sale!”
    • Greg also likes to hike – he taught me what “saddles and benches”  are – lately I have been enjoying the show “Yellowstone” when I work out on the elliptical – for a brief moment, I thought he was referring to “lost saddles” from years gone by when he mentioned he was looking for them. Greg’s goal – come hunting season, he will go to those he found hoping for deer!
    • re: door solutions…Designer notes are very helpful especially when understanding where to mount between the top of the detail around glass and the top of the door.
    • Greg is the older brother of Colton… Colton created the Social Media term “Jerry of the Day!” My kids will be so confused that I actually might be “in the know” about this!!!


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