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    March Partnership with Hillside Botanicals!

    “Sleep is the most innocent creature there is and a sleepless man the most guilty.” ― Kafka

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    This March, we have partnered with Hillside Botanicals. And like us, they are a small Vermont business, hand-making quality products for fellow Vermonters to enjoy the best life ever!

    Here’s more of their story:  “Hillside Botanicals is a diversified hemp and medicinal herb farm located in Central Vermont, the unceded ancestral territory of the Abenaki people. This southwesterly hillside brings wondrous views of the Green Mountains and radiant sunsets that spill across our fields of hemp and medicinal herbs. The vision that has become Hillside Botanicals was deeply inspired by this place and its energy.”Courtesy of HB

    This month our made in Vermont EcoSmart Roller and EcoSmart Cellular Room-Darkening shades are 15% OFF.  And with every purchase you’ll receive Hillside’s “Twilight Tea”!

    Get cozy and ease into a soothing night’s rest with Twilight Tea. Formulated with aromatic and floral herbs, this tisane helps calm the mind and release tension allowing for true relaxation. And we ALL can use a calmer mind, am I right?

    We know the value of quality sleep and we want to ensure you get the BEST rest ever.


    Design your bedroom that will help you drift off into dreamland.

    Imagine, you’ve sipped some tasty Twilight Tea, you’ve climbed into your cozy bed, hit the button and watch your Room-Darkening Shades lower. Sound sleeping is only moments away.

    Doesn’t that sound AMAZING!?! Nothing has sounded sweeter. ZZZZZzZZZzzzZ… Oh! Forgive me! I must have dozed off.  *wink*

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