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Our quarterly lifestyle magazine that educates, entertains and informs. Each issue will be filled with spotlights on local characters, organizations, dining, shopping, things to do and see and some of the most amazing and breathtaking photography capturing the beauty of central Vermont. 2018 Vermont Trend Watch.

Trend Watch 2019

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Notwithstanding the aggressive dominance of Amazon and advances in technology easing
the chores of everyday life (“Alexa, put paper towels on the list”), brick-and-mortar businesses will continue to flourish. “Yes, you read that right. Despite the doom and gloom being reported in certain retail sectors (i.e.,department stores), we firmly believe that brick-and-mortar retail is alive and well,” says Forbes magazine. Consumer predictions for 2018 are for personalization and customization down to the last detail. Think about it—you aren’t just buying “stuff.” You want an experience you won’t find anywhere else. And that’s what gets the team at Gordon’s Window Decor (GWD) so excited. Theirs is a team of passionate professionals who love what they do and are always ready and eager to create an invaluable customer experience you won’t find online or at a big-box store.

There’s a lot to be said for being able to see, feel, and truly experience a product
before investing in it. That’s just part of the value of a brick-and-mortar showroom
like Gordon’s. And consumers appreciate the consultative relationships they build
with Gordon’s team and how they can help their dollars go farther. Moreover, the
money customers spend will be invested in a service or product that meets all their
needs as well as the test of time. They also appreciate knowing that the GWD team
stands by their products and will continue to provide service and advice long after
the sale. Even fairly straightforward projects like café shutters benefit from the consultative
process. Discussing clients’ needs and wants helps prevent disappointments, wasted money, and other potential pitfalls and ensures that their project aligns with their needs, which might include natural light, privacy, and a specific aesthetic.
High-quality products including insulating cellular shades, roller shades, wood blinds, draperies, and solar shades give customers the options they desire to make every room function according to their vision.

Retail is becoming far more vibrant and diverse, with more independently owned stores and businesses rather than fewer, as one might expect. Artisan products and specialized services are carefully crafted for potential customers to not only fall in love with but also to cherish and eventually return for more. The national and international news of the past year may have given rise to an impulse in many to focus on their homes. And the team at GWD has knowledge, experience, and passion to make every house a home. Social media outlets provide numerous avenues for sharing the stories of small but highly successful family businesses.

Customer care comes first Gordon’s window decor and Gordon’s is no exception.
Complicated projects with endless variables, integrated motorized systems, and complex logistics can be daunting, but accessing the expertise and experience of the GWD team allows consumers to bring their visions to life.

Gordon’s Window Decor has always been about putting the customer first and striving to create a personal experience. That is the epitome of their complimentary shop-from-home consultations. What other location could be more appropriate for designing the décor for your home? Color swatches found online are misleading, and the texture of a fabric can’t
be discerned from your smartphone. Nor can the quality of a window covering’s operating system be relayed by a two dimensional diagram. Consultations at your home are fun and inspiring and allow the team at Gordon’s to make sure all aspects of the project, including everything from lifestyle to tricky mounting conditions, are achieved with expertise.

On the day of your installation, the team from GWD will not simply put up your blinds. They’ll devote as much time as you want to show you how to operate and care for them. They’ll ensure that you understand everything you need to be comfortable and satisfied with your purchase. Programmable motorization will be thoroughly reviewed until you’re comfortable. That’s Gordon’s Window Decor—a family company created by Vermonters that will leave you feeling assured your money has been well invested.

Schedule your free shop-from-home consultation TODAY!


Congressman Welch, TJ Donovon at Gordon's Window Decor

Kelly, president of Gordon’s Window Decor, proudly states to Congressman Welch, AG TJ Donovoan and Darcy Carter, “This shade is in for repair and was originally manufactured in 1998. Our shades never end up in landfills”

“Gordon’s window treatments are fancied halfway across the globe in Australia and New Zealand (a blogger Down Under recommended them a few years ago, showing the influence of social media on modern marketing). Upwards of 20 percent of their approximate $3 million in sales are exported outside the US. While continuing to do retail at their facility in Williston, their future success lies with commercial sales, solar shades and secure shades. Already, they’ve installed secure shades at schools in Williston and Essex Junction. With the flick of a button, all the shades at a school could be lowered in an emergency, or when it’s simply hot and sunny.” -Courtesy of Vermont Biz

VBSR and Small business week!

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility kicked off Small Business week at Gordon’s Window Decor!

That’s GWD. A small, family business, PROUD of Vermont and manufacturing products that stand the test of time.

“The team at Gordon’s has been innovating new sustainable product lines, such as solar powered mechanized blinds and shades.”

Trend Watch 2017

Always wonderful to be included in this amazing publication. LOVE being on “trend watch” !

Family Business Magazine 2016!


“Kelly Conklin, 36, became president of Gordon’s Window Décor last year when her father, Gordon Clements, passed the torch—literally.”

Our small, family business was featured in Family Business Magazine!

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Family Business 2016

Workplace Family Values Bring National Acclaim to Local Business

Williston, VT – Gordon’s Window Décor has been awarded the 2015 Vermont Family Owned Business of the Year Award by The United States Small Business Administration (SBA). The nomination-based award honors the company’s long-term standing as small business whose ownership is passed from one generation to the next.

Gordon’s Window Décor started in founder Gordon Clements’ basement in 1986, and has since transformed into a locally and nationally recognized name, supplying custom-made window treatments and soft goods from their Williston showroom and production facility. As of February 2015, ownership transferred from Clements to his daughter, Kelly Conklin, who was previously the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Although the title is new to Conklin, the father-daughter duo has been working cooperatively with their team of builders, installers, and retailers for 13 years.

“Kelly took over as President this year – but has really been running Gordon’s for some time now. So this award is really about her – and more importantly the team she has formed,” says Clements. “Their dedication to provide competitively priced, extremely high quality product and service is what makes this award possible. The team reflects Kelly’s devotion to value and our customers’ satisfaction.”

The Vermont Family Owned Business of the Year Award is part of SBA’s National Small Business Week campaign, where select businesses across the nation are awarded for their exemplary efforts. The SBA, founded in 1953, helps Americans start, build, and grow businesses. All awarded-winners not only fit the description of their particular award, but also support and benefit their community and create good jobs for their teams of employees.

“We are so proud of this award because it recognizes something far beyond just being a family business,” Conklin said. “It recognizes our team, coming together day in and day out to provide the highest quality window shades on the market and an experience that makes our client’s smile- that’s what this award is all about.”

The Gordon's Team

The Gordon’s Team


Erin Moriarty

[email protected]

8 Leroy Rd

Williston, VT 05495



Burlington Free Press President announcement!

We’re bustin’ with pride over here and the Burlington Free Press* caught our drift!

Kelly Conklin was named President. Yippe!


*Burlington Free Press slightly altered to include Kelly’s photo 😉

Top 25 under 35 in Family Business

Excerpts from article.

Conklin, the chief operating officer* at Gordon’s Window Decor, says she wears, “a ton of hats” at the company, which is based in Williston, VT and was founded by her father, Gordon Clements, in 1986. She manages the retail team, works with her father to shape the vision of the business, develops systems and processed and focus\ses on “making sure we have raving fans internally and externally.” …….Conklin says she get satisfaction from “being part of a company that rocks.” She adds, “The fact that it’s my family is the cherry on top.”  Conklin also says she’s delighted to play a major role in setting the direction fo the company at an early age. “If people are nervous about joining the family business, I would advise them to give it a shot, ” she says, “It’s a great way to have an impact on the business as well as the family relationship and see family members in a whole new light.”

*Kelly Conklin was appointed President February 10, 2015

Family Business 25th anniversary issue

Gordon’s Window Décor tent sale for Cystic Fibrosis research

Burlington, VT – Gordon’s Window Décor is participating as Team Tilly in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides walk to increase funding for research and a cure.  To raise as much money as possible, the team is hosting a tent sale Saturday, September 20th, the day before the 3-mile Burlington walk itself.  They are fundraising in honor of little Tilly, daughter of Gordon’s team member Brian McCarthy.


The McCarthy family, with newest member and the Team’s namesake: Tilly!

“Tilly wakes up with a smile on her face every day, and already at 7 months has a cheerful, fun-loving personality.  Her brothers love having her around, and we couldn’t be happier with how well she is growing and learning,” says Tilly’s mother, Kristin McCarthy. “Though she is doing very well with her medical treatments thus far, as with all CF patients a lifetime of struggling with a chronic disease is before her.  She is very lucky to have a community of friends and relatives who will support the walk and the efforts of the CF Foundation!”

The sale runs from 9am-4pm in the Gordon’s Window Decor parking lot, located at 8 Leroy Rd in Williston.  All proceeds go towards their fundraising goal of $1,500.  Drapes, curtains, cellular shades, roller shades, pillows, mini blinds, valances, and more will be available at deeply discounted prices.  Most products are brand new.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their window measurements and to enjoy local cider and donuts as they shop.

“One of the greatest strengths a company has when it comes to embracing a cause is its numbers,” says Gordon’s Chief Operating Officer, Kelly Conklin.  “Through the CF walk and tent sale we hope to raise much more than just the initial goal of $1500, and with all the enthusiasm surrounding both events I’m totally confident we will.”


Gordon’s custom-made treatments can be found on windows all around Vermont – in world-famous locations like Stowe Mountain Resort and Ben & Jerry’s, as well as local gems like UVM and the Essex Grill.  More than ten employees will walk the three-mile event – you can spot them by their bright green Team Tilly t shirts!  Follow Team Tilly’s progress online and visit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation website to find out how else to become involved.



Gordon’s Window Decor Ecosmart Insulating Shade™ Purchase Aids Vermont Flood Relief Efforts

Williston, VT – The Vermont Food Bank will receive a $5 donation for every EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shade sold between now and October 31, 2011.

“We aren’t just a business that happens to be in Vermont- we are Vermonters through and through so we wanted to be able to do something to help out our follow Vermonters.” says Gordon Clements, President of Gordon’s Window Decor.

The Vermont Food Bank is Vermont’s largest hunger relief organization.

For more information call 802-655-7777, visit, or stop by our showroom in Williston.


Debby Jarecki
Gordon’s Window Décor
[email protected]

Williston, VT – As Vermonter’s watched the waters of rivers, streams, and lakes rise throughout the spring it was clear that there was going to be some serious damage. Flooded camps, homes and business are still sorting through and dealing with the destruction caused by the record-breaking storms.

Gordon Clements, President and Founder of Gordon’s Window Decor wanted to do something to help so he is offering free shade cleaning for anyone whose window treatments were dirtied by the flood.

Gordon’s Window Decor has the only ultra-sonic cleaner in the state which is used to clean honeycomb, cellular shades. Free cleaning on shades will be available through late Fall.

“I know this is a small item on the long list of to do’s when dealing with a flooded structure” said Clements, “but I really wanted to help in some way so I figured if this is one thing that we can help scratch off the list at least it is something.”

Gordon’s Window Decor is a family owned business that has been designing, manufacturing and installing custom window treatments in Vermont for over 25 years. For more information call 802-655-7777, visit, or stop by our showroom in Williston.

Local Family Business Looks toward the Next Generation

February 2, 2011

Growth is on the horizon as Gordon’s Window Décor, a local family business that has been manufacturing custom window treatments in Essex Junction for 25 years, transitions to the next generation..

“I think our growth is due to the fact that we manufacture insulating window shades that save substantial amounts of energy- a vital component in our country’s efforts to cut our dependence on fossil fuels” Explains Gordon Clements, owner of Gordon’s Window Décor.

And grow they have. With distribution now well established in Ireland, as well as across the US, similar interest from Russia and recent sales in Japan Gordon’s has been hiring and just bought a larger factory/showroom in Williston. They will be moving at the end of March. That is a lot of change for any company especially combined with serious succession planning. It has truly been a busy year for Gordon’s.

“It is all really exciting” says Kelly Conklin, Clements’ daughter and successor, “Buying the new building was a huge step, but we are bursting at the seams in our current building and with our growth we need more space.” The succession planning is equally as exciting”. “We’ve been working with the Vermont Family Business Initiative to help with the planning” Conklin adds.

It is well known that transitioning a business from the first generation to the second generation is no easy feat. But Clements and Conklin have been working vigorously to avoid common pitfalls of succession; with resources like the Vermont Family Business Initiative it looks like Gordon’s Window Decor will be going strong for another 25 years.

“My first child, Silas, was born in August and if all goes well I hope that he’ll be the third generation to run Gordon’s Window Decor”, smiles Conklin.


March 10, 2010

Kelly Conklin
Gordon’s Window Decor

Burlington, VT – Gordon’s Window Decor President Gordon Clements and his daughter Kelly Conklin, Sales Manager of the EcoSmart Shade line delivered a donation check in the amount of $4,225 to The American Red Cross International Response Fund. The employees at Gordon’s Window Decor are thrilled to have been part of such a generous and successful effort. For each shade sold during the month of February $5 was donated to the Haitian relief drive. Since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the American Red Cross Vermont and New Hampshire Valley Region has received a generous outpouring of support from its neighbors in the region.

“We are so thankful to all the individuals, corporations, schools, and community groups who have offered their support, and helped the American Red Cross raise approximately $333 million in Haitian Relief,” said Haley LaBonte, Vermont and New Hampshire Valley American Red Cross Major Gifts Coordinator. “We are especially grateful to Gordon’s Window Decor and all the local businesses that have generously contributed to this vital effort to help the people of Haiti through their employees and customers.”

“The American Red Cross is an amazing organization and the whole team at Gordon’s Window Decor is so proud that we could play a small role in their efforts to help Haitians return to a normal life,” expressed Kelly Conklin. The American Red Cross International Response Fund provides immediate relief and long-term support through supplies, technical assistance and other necessities to assist people in need.

Locally owned and operated Gordon’s Window Decor has been enhancing the comfort, energy efficiency, and style of homes and offices since 1986. For more information call 802-655-7777, visit, or stop by our showroom in Essex Junction, Vermont.

Photo from Left to Right: EcoSmart Sales Manager Kelly Conklin, Vermont & New Hampshire Valley American Red Cross Major Gifts Coordinator Haley LaBonte and Gordon’s Window Decor President Gordon Clements.

March 2010

Thanks to our fantastic customers we were able to donate over $4000 to the American Red Cross International Relief Fund! Thanks Everyone!


January 22, 2010
Kelly Conklin, 802-338-9364

Robbie Babineau of Gordon’s Window Decor Installs EcoSmart Top Down Bottom Up shade in Lisa Gibbon’s home.

Burlington, VT – The Pledge Central membership drive to support Vermont Public Radio (VPR) is held three times per year. All sustaining members and pledge donors are automatically entered into a drawing to win a prize donated by sponsoring business partners. In October 2009 sustaining VPR member Lisa Gibbons of Burlington won a $2,000 gift certificate donated by Gordon’s Window Decor. Design consultant Susan Garrett went to Lisa’s home to discuss the options, benefits and details of selecting EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades™ for her windows. Each window was measured and each shade was custom made on location at the Gordon’s Window Decor factory in Essex Junction. The shades were installed in Lisa’s home just before Christmas.

“We love our new EcoSmart shades and are so thankful to Gordon’s for their generosity and their support of VPR which we value so much. Our rooms feel warmer at night and we love the clean sleek look of our windows now. The top down bottom up mechanisms are easy to operate and allow for the right balance of light and privacy. On top of all that, the customer service has been outstanding. I feel like a very lucky winner,” said Lisa Gibbons.

“We are so pleased to hear Lisa Gibbons and Judy Chalmer selected EcoSmart Insulating shades with the gift certificate she won during VPR’s membership drive,” said VPR President Robin Turnau. “Their choice reflects VPR’s mission to be a positive force in the community and a prudent steward of our environment and resources. We are grateful to Gordon’s Window Decor for offering this prize and for their support of Vermont Public Radio.” This year the VPR Pledge Central membership drive will be held in February, May and October. Gordon’s Window Decor will be participating in the drive scheduled for May 2010.

Locally owned and operated Gordon’s Window Decor has been serving the window treatment needs of homes and businesses since 1986. For more information call 802-655-7777, online at, or visit our showroom at Fort Ethan Allen in Essex Junction.

Photo: Robbie Babineau of Gordon’s Window Decor Installs EcoSmart Top Down Bottom Up shade in Lisa Gibbon’s home.


January 18, 2010
Kelly Conklin, 802-338-9364

Essex Junction, VT – The American Red Cross International Response Fund will receive a $5 donation for every EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shade sold between now and February 28, 2010. Gordon’s Window Decor is reaching out to help those in Haiti devastated by the recent earthquake with sales of their locally manufactured signature product. The proceeds being donated will include orders placed by both retail and commercial customers for EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades.

The American Red Cross International Response Fund provides immediate relief and long-term support through supplies, technical assistance and other necessities to assist people in need.

Locally owned and operated Gordon’s Window Decor has been serving the window treatment needs of homes and businesses since 1986. For more information call 802-655-7777, visit, or stop by our showroom in Essex Junction.

Simple Tips to Give You a Better Night’s Sleep

Company: Gordon’s Window Decor
Company Contact: Gordon Clements
Phone #: 802-655-7777


Giving yourself the opportunity for a good night’s sleep can leave you feeling energized when you wake.

Screeching cars. Ringing cell phones. Email accounts full of junk mail. We are living in a world of ever increasing technology. And even though speed is the motivation behind most of it, we are finding ourselves with fewer minutes each passing day. So, which activity usually gets cut first? – Our Sleep. Currently, there are between 80 and 100 million Americans who suffer from some type of insomnia.

Sleep deprivation can lead to a host of mental and health issues, costing the U.S. economy billions each year in accident, productivity loss and healthcare related costs. In order to ensure you are receiving the best sleep possible each night, try these helpful tips:

Limit your caffeine intake during the day. Too much caffeine during your daylight hours can carry over to your midnight hours. It can cause you to fall asleep slower and toss and turn or wake up in the middle of the night. Determine which foods, beverages, and even medications may be affecting your sleep and adjust accordingly.

Increase your daytime activity. If you become more active during the day, your body’s excess energy will be spent and you will receive a better nights rest. Try not to work out right before bed though. Most people become more alert right after a workout.

Try blackout fabric shades. Create a sleep environment that is cool, quiet, and dark. Manage these environmental factors easily by using blackout fabric shades. Energy efficient double cellular shades have a special lining that blocks out 99 percent of light. An optional side-track system can totally eliminate all light leaks, which is particularly important for people who sleep during the day or are sensitive to any morning light peeking around the shades. Gordon’s Window Decor ( offers a foil lined polyester double cell blackout shade with side tracks, that when lowered, keeps your bedroom cooler because the hot air is “trapped” both in the honeycomb cells and between the shade and the window. An extra benefit is that these shades can virtually pay for themselves in energy savings. Cellular blackout shades also absorb outside noise. By creating an environment that is dark, as well as quieter and cooler, you will set the stage for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Shed those pounds. A medical condition known as sleep apnea, a disorder in which you actually stop breathing during sleep, affects many people who are more than twenty pounds overweight. People who suffer from sleep apnea do not rest, not matter how many hours they sleep.

EcoSmart Child Safe Window Treatments Offer Consumers Safety and Beauty

Company: Gordon’s Window Decor
Company Contact: Gordon Clements
Phone #: 802-655-7777


[Essex Jct., Vermont 9/24/2007] – We all know that a home can pose many hazards to young children, but did you know that window treatments are one such danger? In fact, statistics reveal that multiple children die each year from strangulation injuries involving window shade cords. These are deaths that could have been prevented with child safe window treatments and preventative safety measures.

EcoSmart Insulating Shades®, a leading innovator in the window fashions industry, continually strives to make its window coverings as child friendly as possible. Available at Gordon’s Window Decor, Essex Junction, the EcoSmart line offers a variety of safety features designed to add style to homes as well as bring peace of mind to parents and caregivers. “We are committed to child safety,” said Gordon’s Window Decor President, Gordon Clements, “EcoSmart offers an attractive cordless cellular shade which provides safety and ease of operation. We are continuing to develop solutions that improve child safety in window fashions.”

EcoSmart Cordless Cellular Shades are the premier child safe choice, combining the style and functionality of a cellular shade with the beauty of cord-free operation. Instead of relying on cords, which can entangle small children, a gentle push or pull on the bottom rail is all that’s needed to raise and lower the shade.

The EcoSmart Cordless Hardware System is currently available in a variety of fabric styles, Light Filtering Double Honeycomb, Room Darkening, and Single Honeycomb, Light Filtering and Blackout fabrics. These energy efficient cordless shades create elegant treatments which are beautifully child safe.

Corded cellular shades from EcoSmart are also safeguarded. The exclusive Breakthrough Cord Connector snaps open when pressure is applied to the cord loop should a child become entangled. Although it is essential to keep cords out of the reach of small children, this component adds an extra measure of protection by coming apart in an emergency. Our Wood Alloy Blinds also employ a similar cord feature which is activated by excessive pull forces.

Most of the Verticals we carry may be fabricated without pull cords. Tilt wand options on Performance Drapery Sheers, EcoSmart Cellular Verticals and Soft Sheer Verticals yield cord-free blinds. Not only are these verticals child safe, they are easy to operate. And since these designs are made without weights and bottom chains, these innovative verticals are safe for children and pets alike.

“We know that replacing window treatments is not a viable option for everyone,” said Diane Clements, Co-Owner, Gordon’s Window Decor. If cordless window treatments cannot be purchased, Clements suggests that existing shades and blinds can be made more child safe with the addition of cord cleats and cord tensioners. When using a cord cleat, the device is installed high and out of reach of small children and then the excess cord is wound around it. This prevents children from becoming entangled in the dangling cord. For a window treatment with a cord loop, a cord tensioner keeps the cord taught to prevent it from twisting and tangling.

Gordon’s Window Decor is located at 4 Laurette Drive and is open Monday through Saturday, 9:30- 5:30 (5:00 on Saturday). For more information about these Comfortex child safe window treatments, stop in for a guide to window covering safety or call 803-655-7777 or 800-869-2199, e-mail [email protected] or visit

Gordon’s specializes in residential and commercial energy efficient window treatments. EcoSmart Insulating Window Shades are made in Essex Junction, Vermont.

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