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    The art of layering

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     The art of layering 

    In Vermont, it’s cold, so we layer our clothes. Wouldn’t it make sense to layer our windows too? We could all use some extra warmth in our home! Layering can also add texture, dimension and pops of color while making the room look elegant and well put together. Here are some of my thoughts and tips for layering your windows.

    Layered window treatments can work in any room of your home and can done thoughtfully to be functional, for instance in your kitchen a wood blind or a roller shade (easy to clean) for function and a valance to add depth and color (and also out of the way).

    Or another kitchen idea, is a fabric Roman with a detached operable privacy liner behind it. Which gives you light filtering options and a modern Roman look.

    Layering in a Nursery, I would recommend using a cordless shade (woven wood, cellular or roller) for safety, drapes with a blackout lining (for longer sleeping time) and a stationary valance.

    Drapes, valances and Roman shades do not have to be the same fabric, but should coordinate for a cohesive look. If the drapes are a solid, you could do a patterned valance/Roman or vice versa.

    In bedrooms I love the texture of a woven wood shade (with a privacy or blackout liner) and long, solid color side panels. This is a very simple and warm look that can work in any bedroom (or living room). The panels can be stationary- the woven wood shade will block the light, so you don’t have to pull down a shade and close the curtains every night. Unless you motorized them, then it’s just fun!

    You do not have to continue the same layered look throughout your home or even in the same room, different treatments can create a contrast or can even break up a room. For example in a living area you may have a pattern that you just love, but know it’s too much for every window. So an option is to put the patterned draperies with sheers and a shade (preferably a sleek roller shade) on one wall and just that same shade (sheers with it would work too) on another wall.

    These options coordinate the windows, without making the room too busy. One of the many great things about Gordon’s is that we’re not just cellular shades- we do it all-

    One stop shopping for layering your windows, and we’ll even install it for you!

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