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    Summit with the “Shade Police”

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    The Burlington Free Press wrote a great article the other day about the St. Albans City School receiving the federal ‘Green Ribbon’ award. The Green Ribbon award recognizes schools that have a strong commitment to the environment and student wellness.

    Here at Gordon’s we were thrilled that the article mentioned the Shade Police. The school installed EcoSmart Insulating Shades in their classrooms as part of their conservation initiative, and the Shade Police are designated students who circulate the school at the end of the day to make sure all of the shades have been lowered to prevent the heat from going out the window over night.

    “One of the kids told me a great story” said Brian. “She said that one of their teachers would not let them touch his shades until they brought in a thermal thermometer and proved that the shades actually save energy. So the kids brought in the thermometer and that was the proof the teacher was looking for! The student said he is now a believer.”

    It is that story that makes this all so wonderful- kids are influencing behavior and the behavior they are influencing will help save our planet’s resources. It certainly is a newsworthy story!

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