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    Soft treatments with GWD

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    Windows are a key component to any house.

    They let light in, allow us to see out to our surroundings and play a large role in the aesthetic of our homes from both the interior and exterior.  Their shapes, sizes, quantities and positioning, all lends to the style of the home.

    Inside, they give us the perfect opportunity to express our personality and style with how we choose to dress them.

    No treatment does this better than soft treatments!

    What we love most about custom soft treatments, is that they transform a room!  There are so many styles to consider and when you couple this with the endless fabric and trim options and ways to incorporate them, you are sure to have a one of a kind treatment.

    When it comes to choosing a style, there are many factors to be taken into consideration.

    What is the style of the house and/or the client? 

    Do we need privacy?

    Do we want to liven up a space or tone it down? 

    How will it look from the outside? 

    Once we answer these questions and consider any other personal needs, we can choose.

    Panels are classic!  They can be incorporated into any style from traditional to modern and everything in between.  Header style, hardware, fabric selection and trim application all play a role in the look of the final result.

    Cube ottoman More:

    Roman shades are another classic soft treatment and they function nicely to provide privacy and darken a room if necessary.

    They work well, when paired with panels or can stand alone.

    Master bath with three roman shades:   56wilcox: “(via Shingled Home – Martha’s Vineyard | Gauthier Stacy) ”:

    Some style options to consider…flat, soft, hobbled, with or without a valence, inside mount (IB) or outside mount (OB)

    Hobbled roman shades have more structure, retain the horizontal element even when they're down. It's a choice.:

    Austrian shades, and London shades are a couple of other beautiful options.

    I love the print on these panels. I would not join the Austrian shades with the panels. Both alone are beautiful. ICDESIGNSBYAIMEE comment.: Alan Campbell Kells II bed. Design by SCW Interiors. Image courtesy of Traditional Home.:

    When using a cellular, roller or woven wood shade, adding a soft valence is a great way to conceal the stack or roll when it is up.  It also gives you the opportunity to add pattern and/or color to tie your room together.

    Fresh, pretty girl's room:   Valences are the Turtlenecks of Home Decor (But Here's Why You Should Consider Using Them Anyway):

    A soft valence can also be used with panels for an added layer.

    A pretty Cowtan & Tout fabric dresses the guest room’s windows.:

    Choosing a fabric can be the MOST exciting part of the whole process but often times, this is the hardest part, for some, because there are so many options to choose from.

    With websites like Pinterest and Houzz, there is no shortage of images to find inspiration but this too can become overwhelming.

    In sifting through it all, simply try to identify what it is you like or dislike about different treatments?

    Are you drawn to patterns or solids? Colors or neutrals?

    Mary McDonald fabrics - love the emellishments.:

    The soft airy feel of a sheer on it’s own or a gorgeous layered look?

    Ombre Sheers - Just buy one set of sheers in each color and hang your rod a little higher and wider than normal. The darkest sheer will help hide the edge of the window.:

    Fashionable meets functional with these crisp drapery panels. Complete the look of your dining room with elegant drapery panels in classic colors or bold patterns.:

    Formal or casual?

    Classical Addiction.:

    When you combine the style that looks and feels right for you windows with a fabric that speaks to you, the end result will be a unique window treatment that you will love to live with!

    Mission accomplished: An NYC apartment is completely in rapid time.:

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