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    Insolroll Exterior and Insect Shades

    Insolroll Window Shading Systems manufactures custom exterior patio shades, retractable  insect screens an numerous other products.  Insolroll is the manufacturing division of Innovative Openings, Inc.  We started our business in 1980 with a focus on motorization and high performance shading systems, and that focus remains today.

    Insolroll has been making patio shades since 1986. Since then, our patio and deck shade products have been branded under the Oasis® brand name and evolved into four different hardware systems to address a wide variety of applications. Either keep your view or enhance your privacy. New for 2016, we have upgraded hardware to cover larger patio openings up to 19′ wide.

    Oasis® Patio Shade Systems

    Perfect for more than just patios, Oasis Patio Shades add on-demand shade and comfort to a variety of outdoor living areas:

    • Patios
    • Decks
    • Pergolas
    • Porches
    • Balconies
    • Gazebos

    Unlike ready-made shades, they are custom-sized to fit your patio.  Large areas can be covered by multiple shades.  Our bungee cord hold-down system is ideal for attaching shades to a railing or deck without the need for a cable or post in the middle of the opening.Our unique PVC-coated solar screen fabrics block up to 97% of the heat without creating a closed in feeling.  Oasis® 2600 Sun Shades block the sun’s glare, provide day-time privacy and an outward view.

    Sun Shades make your patio enjoyable on hot summer days

    Attach the bungee hold-downs for protection from the wind and errant golf balls. Enjoy your summer evening and make your family and guests comfortable.Bright sun and excessive heat can make patio and deck uncomfortable when the sun starts to set. This is also the time you are likely to be grilling dinner and entertaining. Lower our sun shade when you need it and roll it up when you don’t.

    Everyone enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends. Oasis 2800 Patio Shades enhance the use of outdoor living spaces by filtering the heat and glare of the sun while maintaining an airy open feeling and view to the exterior. Our roll-up solar screen shades dramatically extend the hours of quality time you can use your patio or deck by making them more comfortable in the morning or afternoon hours when the sun angle is low.

    Shades can be retrofitted to existing covered patios, screen porches, gazebos, and open trellis structures. Shades can also be designed into new backyard construction projects.
    Oasis 2800 Deck and Patio Shades were invented in 1986 for Patio Sun Protection. Our shades will dramatically reduce sun glare and keep you cool to enjoy the great outdoors.Protect your Deck or Patio from Harsh sun, golf balls, and neighbors.
    Solar Screen Patio Shades for Large and Small OpeningsShades provide protection from errant golf balls and a level of privacy from nearby neighbors. Making your patio area safe and private is what our Oasis® brand is all about. Dense solar screen fabric weaves provide excellent daytime privacy. Light colors screens provide the best privacy.

    Oasis® 2900 Patio Insect Shades provide sun protection and & keep the bugs out!

    The Oasis® Patio Insect Shade does both—blocks the heat and UV rays and seals out insects with an exclusive track system that literally zips you inside, safe and comfortable on your patio at dusk. We have fabrics exclusively for insect protection that provide minimal sun protection, and we have a whole array of fabrics that provide top shelf sun protection AND seal out insects! And you can still see the sun set because the screen doesn’t block the view.

    Our top-of-the-line Patio Insect Shades keep fabric taut in breezy conditions

    Solar screen shades won’t flap around in the breeze with our ShyZIP captured edge system that spreads the wind stress across both tracks keeping shades taut in windy conditions.  We have tested our shades in the down position if very breezy conditions.  The captured edge system has prevented the fabric from blowing around and provided a wind break on the patio.
    Note on high winds: If the shades are down, they can be retracted in windy conditions.  We do not recommend rolling any patio shade down in high wind conditions.


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