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    "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." -Josh B.

    designed by Barb Bode
    Customer Type
    Barb Bode
    Drapery, EcoSmart Insulating Cellular Shades, Motorized Shade
    Bedroom, Dining Rooms, Living Room, Main Bedroom

    “How to make a house a home? One of the many cool facets of Gordon’s Window Décor is the history our clients have with us… Some have one home that we have provided treatments for, that they have enjoyed for 30 + years. And some have many homes that we have helped them with over and over again in those three decades. Toni is a customer with such a history – she recently sold her longtime home and it was time to have Gordon’s add that special touch to her new space. Her new home needed privacy, while still allowing in as much light as possible – a new home that had far fewer windows than she was used to …. but the windows she did have – Toni wanted to dress in a special way. Her goal was to have a first layer with cellular shades, and to explore motorization for a larger window. As we worked together, I wanted soft color to blend with the wall paint, texture in the fabric and a Top Down/Bottom-Up operation to provide as much privacy as needed. We chose a linen cell fabric that shows its character when light shines, through, and a Top Down/Bottom-Up – some are manual and then the exciting ease of motorization for her larger window…. all those pieces came together for Toni through Cellular Shades. We are honored to work with our clients for the many, many years that we do – favorite treatments can’t always be moved from one home to the next – but the lasting service and knowledge of Gordon’s is there to create that special touch in a beautiful new way.”Barb Bode – Window Decor Designer

    Toni expressed how much she loves to gaze out her office window with the Top Down/Bottom Up shades, “I can see everything!” she exclaimed, “the view inspires me.”

    GWD designed- Toni and her pupper approved. 😉

    “I ordered motorized shades, a design technology new to me. Barb’s expertise and assistance were superb as were the personal support in answering my questions that I had from Barb, Kelly and the whole team. I love the shades and I’m thrilled with the installation and service. The effect of the shades is lovely, providing both privacy and light. Connor was patient and thorough. He covered everything and answered all my questions. I’m over the moon about the shades. The measurements are perfect, the tint, the light effect, the ease of raising, lowering and adjusting, all perfect. Such a pleasure. The rooms are transformed! Everyone was highly skilled and professional. In addition, they seemed to be highly motivated by their own personal values for customer service, so they were both professional and personal. It is a very dedicated and generous company.” -Toni B.

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