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    "Time wasted at the lake is time well spent." -unknown

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    Insolroll Exterior Shading

    Living on the shores of Lake Champlain is a luxury not lost on this homeowner. Their porch faces due West, provides gorgeous views yet blinding glare. The screened-in porch did nothing about Sun’s bouncing glare off the waves. It was just too much for our client.

    Insolroll Exterior Shades were the ideal solution for this soon-to-be savoring sunset sanctuary.  The cable-guided system was chosen for it’s ease of operation and low-maintenance.  The cable system secures the shade fabric and provides sway control in breezy conditions, which are bound to happen at the lake shore home.

    We chose a 3% openness fabric, in Charcoal/Bronze, which allows only 3% of the Sun’s rays to penetrate. This diffuses the glare and allows our homeowner to truly enjoy those stunning sunsets. The shade also reduced the solar gain, cooling off the veranda.

    This lake view is now ready for maximum enjoyment.

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