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    "True luxury is being able to own your time..sit on your porch, read the paper...not be compelled by obligation." - A.K.

    designed by Barb Bode
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    Insolroll Exterior Shading

    Just imagine, sitting on your front porch, a delicious Summer breeze wafting through…your favorite, cool beverage in hand…and *PING* blinding, piercing light, making you physically wince in pain.

    UGH, if ONLY you had this STUNNING exterior shading system, Wendy and her family have. *wink*. And that’s why Wendy called us. With a panoramic view, tucked off a quiet dirt road, the afternoon Sun was TOO much to enjoy her expansive porch.

    Stopping the Sun before it enters your windows, is one of the most effective ways of decreasing heat gain. A very smart choice for reducing cooling costs. Exterior Roller shades are an European concept for energy management and thank goodness they made their way over here!

    THIS is Wendy’s view. No wonder she wanted to preserve it.

    Our Designer Barb, suggested Oasis 2600 in White/Grey to compliment the exterior of their home. The fabric chosen has a 3% openness, blocking glare and heat gain.

    Here’s what Wendy said,

    “I would like to spread the word about the way we solved the problem of our hot porch during the Summer, AND the glare on our computers if we chose to work on the porch. The installation is a carbon-friendly solution for our overheating porch and planet. The addition of these exterior shades, cooled the entire interior space of the house.”

    And that says it all, doesn’t it?

    Do yourself a favor and schedule time with Barb today.

    "The Insolroll shades are incredible and made the porch so much better! It gave them extra room on the porch and made the whole house cooler. The install was great and non obtrusive so it preserved their view and the shades are protected by the eve."

    Wendy in Underhill

    “I first met Wendy sitting on her front porch, recuperating and enjoying the sunshine following surgery. I remember initially loving being outside and admiring the view and then quickly wondered how she could sit out there for so long given I was getting hot, the Sun was bright and there was not much of a wind. Gordon’s was called to meet with she and her husband John, to work on a project for interior shades….. but, it certainly came up that someday a new project might be the porch! I was so excited to be called back to visit with her to find a solution to enjoying this beautiful outside space. The Oasis by Insolroll quickly came to mind. The biggest challenge was following the openings of the porch with fabric that fit ( i.e. the dimensions worked) in those spaces – they were quite wide by design. Through a few revisions, we arrived at a fabric that they loved, it allowed the amount of openness to have some view, but it worked really, really well to block the glare and heat of the sun. I love the outcome and personally could envision Friday night cocktails and loads of friendly conversations on that porch the entire Spring/Summer/Fall season!”

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