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  • Barr Hill- Caledonia Spirits

    "Reconnecting Cocktail Culture with Agriculture."

    designed by Frank McHenry
    Customer Type
    Brewery, Enterprise, Retail Space
    Frank McHenry
    EcoSmart Roller Shades
    Conference Room, Event Room, Hallway, Offices
    “We seek to unlock the true flavors of the land, honor the hard work of the farmer, and to preserve the beautiful biodiversity of forest and farmland. The flavors and terroir of our agricultural landscape inspire us on our mission to reconnect cocktail culture to agriculture and to share with you authentic spirits – Landcrafted® in the heart of Vermont.” – courtesy of Caledonia Spirits

    The curators at Caledonia, the sensation sellers of spirits needed the stewards of shading for their offices, stockrooms, doors, conference rooms, mother’s lounge and so many more!

    GWD to the rescue (and perhaps a cocktail!)!!

    With such a variety of needs, our friends at Barr Hill required thoughtful, made in Vermont shading.
    Our team shaded their windows with an array of EcoSmart Roller Shades, in a mixture of opacity and color.


    We love our made in Vermont shades! The shades are AWESOME and so easy to use. Thanks so much.”

    Katie B. Office Manager


    When our photographer was at Barr Hill, BH were in the midst of re-organization their space. It was used as a test kitchen/storage, but our photog couldn’t stop herself from taking a perfect product shot with stunning shades as the backdrop.

    Sweeeeeet as honey. 🐝




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