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    "Stone has never been, is not, and never will be old.” - Richard Erdman

    Customer Type
    EcoSmart Roller Shades, Motorized Shade
    Gallery, Offices

    Design goals:
    Simple, elegant design and functionality that would not at all detract from the art on display in the gallery.
    Richard wanted maximize view through to the South and West pastures and natural setting beyond the sculptures, while damping the glare and heat of the afternoon Sun.
    Glare control and heat blockage, in the offices, while allowing for a productive and beautiful work environment.
    Ecosmart Roller Shades, Motorized, multi-band open roll shades with black solar screen fabric
    Wireless remote control, and smart device integration to allow for timers and scene control based on natural daylight conditions

    To see more of Richard Erdman’s world-renowned, award winning sculpture, click here.

    "Annex is the artist’s studio of world-renowned sculptor Richard Erdman. The project program includes a flexible space for large and medium scale sculpture floor and pedestal display, shelf presentation space for maquette models, outdoor sculpture space, and an administrative office and library...The interior spaces are minimal and open. A steel shed structure is exposed to the studio and reflects a traditional bent of a timber frame. A monumental steel shelving display is integrated into the space and window composition. The interior wall and ceiling finishes are black to contrast the marble sculpture. Custom large scale metal pivot doors open into the white plaster office space/library. "


    "The shades in the gallery, make two distinct environments, the bronze pieces on the shelves have never looked better. They now have a subtle scrim backdrop to highlight the pieces from 'backlighting'; while also allowing a full view of nature behind them which is where the material and conceptions were borne. Unbelievable combination!

    Richard Erdman Sculptor

    Birdseye stunning design honored with the Popular Choice Winner in the Gallery & Exhibition category by Architizer

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