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    GWD+ Spare Time= EPIC good time!

    "It's not how you bowl. it's how you roll. " - unknown

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    Last Friday we ROLLED into Spare Time in Colchester for our company party! Holidays are stressful. There is SO much going on, everyone is spread so thin professionally and personally.

    So we decided to let the good times rolllll, in late January! Delish food, lots of flannel and STRIKES! (well not THAT many…)

    Little did we know, but Amy has her own ball! Can someone say ‘RINGER’???!


    I think Connor is diagnosing his ball grip to Kelly. Or is he having a hand cramp??!

    (far left flannel covered gent)



    Our ROLLER DUDES! Ian and Steve lookin’ good!

    Oh look at Barb’s smile…..STRIKE!


    Panoramic fun!


    LOOK at that food!                                    LOOK at those cuties!


    Then THIS happened….all of our fun and shenans, the paps found us!

    Oh wait! That’s Ian and Connor having a photo war!

    OK, stop everything! Just LOOK at this smile! OMG, such an awesome kiddo!

    We had SO MUCH FUN! Thanks to Spare Time. Good food, belly laughs and ‘healthy’ competition….makes a good, no wait, a GREAT Company!

    GWD is literally on a roll in 2020.


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