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    "Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue.” – Ichabod Crane

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    Create a GORG-GOURD for GORD's Carving Contest!CARVE out some time for our GORD-GOURD HALLOWEEN CARVING CONTEST


    Rules: Send us photographic proof of your mad carving skillz!

    We’ll post your photo to our Facebook page.
    Tag yourself in your GORD-geous GOURD photo and LET the people VOTE!

    Nov 1st, we’ll announce the winner.

    The winner will receive fame, fortune, and a $50 Gift Certificate to one of these FINE Vermont Businesses!  
    (Well, definitely that last thing!)
    Plus… a little something extra, shhhh it’s a secret. 

    Each week on our Facebook Page, we have #ReferralWednesday, shouting out a fellow small business in our awesome state.

    The Winner gets to choose from of the many local businesses we’ve shared this year!
    Lovely Local Beautiful Businesses:

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