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    Fall ’14 Trends are Close to Home

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    I don’t mean to alarm anybody – but fall is creeping up on us!  While we do have a solid month and a half before the autumn season officially begins, now is the time to start planning out your seasonal decor.  And luckily some of this fall’s style choices are designed to last long after you’ve taken down your decorative corn stalks.



    The overall style that we’ll see for fall of 2014 frankly makes me breathe a sigh of relief.  The autumn season is time to spend with family and friends, time to get cozy, and time to experience the fall phenomena outdoors.  So the style this time of year ought to be traditional, comfortable, and timeless.  No need to run ragged keeping up with wild, fleeting trends; just enjoy the moment.  You’ll want to let these fall feelings flow over into your home décor.

    Some ways you might consider decorating would be through neutral wall colors to act as a solid base for lively accents of color.  The colors this fall are your classic reds, orange tones, rich browns, golds.  Use in floral centerpieces, throws and pillows, sheers and draperies.  An elegant shade of bronze is calming yet formal when played into wallpaper, the ceiling, and curtains.


    We also see some new fall shades: peacock blue, bright chartreuse, raspberry, and asparagus.  Use these or any of the traditional colors in exotic patterns and fabrics.  Soft black and white are also going to look great this season.  Another awesome trend in the design world is “colorless design” – using texture and shape rather than color and contrast.

    This homey time of year lends itself to displaying your own personal treasures.  Try out that “curated look” – collect and display what you love.  Hang up special photos and art on a gallery wall or exhibit your hallowed knickknacks on a shelf.   While it’s still summer, scour flea markets and tag sales to beef up your collection!  In this season of sharing moments with loved ones, proudly show off your defining items! gallerywall

    This day in age, it feels like trends come and go twice as quickly as they used to.  A way to just enjoy your home no matter what the trend, is to decorate it with your own unique things.  Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match styles and materials.  One of a kind pieces of personal value are timeless.

    Continue to enjoy this absolutely perfect summer, but look forward to a equally beautiful fall!  We have hundreds of different fabrics and a team of professionals who can help you design your fall (and forever after) home decor.

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