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    A Designer’s Forecast for 2014

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    With the holiday whirlwind behind us and the road to springtime still winding ahead, now is the best time to work on plans for home improvement.  As the color-of-the-year, Radiant Orchid, suggests, 2014 will be all about personality and self-expression.  I was able to sit down with one of our designers, Abigail, to get her insight on design trends, 2014 at Gordon’s, and how she transforms her inspiration into actuality…

    Abigail keeps a board to pin down all her ideas.
    Abigail maintains an engaging display of her ideas.

    Q: What trends will we see in 2014?

    A: Power prints are still making a statement.  Vivid, bright, and powerful, these striking patterns commonly adorn pillows and curtains.  Power prints allow you to keep the palette softer and more traditional, but with a snap.  More cost-effective, versatile, and poignant than buying new furniture or fully repainting your walls, power prints are a sure way to keep your home updated in 2014.

    Q: What goals are people looking to accomplish when they visit Gordon’s, and what are they likely to experience while they are here?

    A: Gordon’s Window Décor surprises customers with much more than window curtains.  We offer accent pillows, bedding, treatments, valances, décor accents.  People come in for an education and then when they start expanding in their home they are able to tie things together.

    Q: What is one of your goals here for 2014?

    A: To remind homeowners and decorators that we are also a fabric source.  We carry names like Duralee, Fabricut, Robert Allen, Carole Fabrics, and Lafayette.

    Q: What is your advice for home improvement in 2014?

    A: Go for quality.  Make a budget and stick with quality over quantity.  These are investments that last.  It’s a smart first step to come in to Gordon’s and have hands-on time with our products and operating styles.  When you have a decorator come to your home afterwards, you will be five steps ahead.

    Q: What are some ways you stay on top of design?

    A: Fashion is the trendiest form of design – home design often filters down from fashion design trends.  Also by reading décor magazines, through décor resources, Pinterest, and Houzz.

    Q: What is on your Idea Board? (Where she sticks images of her inspirations and decorative ideas – like a real-life Pinterest)

    A: The Idea Board is a collection of inspirational ideas incorporating rustic and chic, power prints and neutrals, and trendy color schemes and storage spaces.  The panels of the Board are blooming with pictures of accent pillows, neutral fabrics and furniture, walls with power prints, charismatic shelving.  It is a creative wall that is as fun to look at as it is effective at keeping ideas fresh and ready for action.  The Idea Board is a constantly-evolving display of interior design.

    Abigail draws inspiration from the rustic and charming feel of Vermont, and plans to show that in our showroom.  We want to have crates of fabrics on display.  We plan on putting in a big, beautiful table for designers and visitors to sit at to look through design options.

    In short – we are as geared up for the new year of design as you are!

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