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    Civic Duty!

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    Whether your Red, Blue or Purple, voting is YOUR right as a citizen of the USA.

    No no, let me rephrase, it’s your responsibility. You gotta vote.

    If you don’t vote, it says something, whether you want to or not.

    I remember as a young child, going with my mother to our rural polling place. (i.e. the local town hall) Being a VERY small town, everyone knows EVERYONE. And get this? A bake sale was going on as well.(cookies or brownies were often purchased for that night’s dessert. SCORE!)  There wasn’t ever a need to go into your wallet, scrounge around, and fish out your license, because no one ever asked to ‘see your ID”. They KNEW you.

    Being young, I was barely tall enough to see over the voting booth counter. I still remember the smell of the old, musty canvas, red, white and blue curtains. 

    I didn’t know anything about politics. It was barely talked about in our home. EVER.

    But never, ever EVER was a voting opportunity missed.

    In my adulthood, there were many absentee ballots cast, since I was a bit of a gypsy. Yet, I never missed a vote. With each vote, I’m speaking up, and representing the hopes and dreams I see for this country.

    So thanks, mom and dad for instilling that responsibility in me.

    Here at GWD, we voted! And it felt GOOD!



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