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    A life without curtains?!

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    A life without curtains?!



    This rural Vermonter can’t EVEN fathom the notion! My mother made all of the curtains/drapes/valances for our home. Spring, Summer, no matter the season, we had window décor to decorate our windows and keep the heat in, in those bitter cooooooold winter months.

    So when I read this recent article about the Dutch, I just had to share it.
    Is it their meager attempt to gain more Vitamin D? Do we as Americans have more to hide? What is it?

    I have taken numerous walks around the metropolitan city of Amsterdam and out in rural Holland towns.  And it’s true. The Dutch don’t dig drapes. Yes of course, there are a few, but on the whole. Naked windows. Whhhhhaaaa?!

    When I drive around in rural Vermont , especially in the wintertime, I have a very strong tendency to peer into those well-lit windows.  I can’t imagine anyone passing up the opportunity. I’m so curious! Aren’t you?

    So the Dutch aren’t any different from me, or are they?  “Dutch people seem to get as much entertainment (or perhaps even more) looking out and observing who is looking in…”

    Who is the fish in this life size aquarium?

    “The common explanation is that it stems from Dutch people’s Calvinistic roots: allowing passers-by a full view of your living quarters shows that you have nothing to hide.” BUT, my theory on the matter is slightly different. I don’t think it has anything to do with Calvinism. I think the answer (as always) is much more simplistic and can be summarized in 5 letters: L-I-G-H-T.

    Much like our Northwestern state dwellers, and here in Northern New England, we know the value of sunny days. Much like the Dutch, a sunny day, calls to close up shop and go frolic in the rays warmth and light. It is a glorious and somewhat, too rare of a feeling. We must embrace and cherish every sunny day as it could be our last for quite some time.

    “We all know Dutch people love the sun and quite frankly, many of those ground-floor and entre-sol (basement) apartments are nothing more than a dark, somber dungeon. Without the curtains open and the light pouring in, Dutch people would essentially live like underground moles: traveling from dark apartment, to dark outside, to dark workplace, a possible stop-over at a dark brown cafe, and then back to said dark apartment.”

    No curtains = better than TV, to the Dutch. But for this born American, I’m surrounded by dense trees and swamp. My nearest neighbor would have to be on our stoop to be able to make anything out. Almost every single window has full window coverings. Is because that’s what I grew up with? Is it what us Americans do? Are we so privacy driven? Big brother scared? I mean , I crave those sunny days as much as my fellow Vermonters, Seattle-ites, Portlanders, but it doesn’t mean I sacrifice my privacy.

    And seriously, I got nothing to hide, but I’ll keep my curtains, thankyouverymuch  *wink*


    Excerpts from: http://stuffdutchpeoplelike.com/2010/11/24/no-8-not-owning-curtains/


    p.s. I’m about to marry a 50% Dutchie.

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