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    2023 Vermont Flood Recovery

    Recovery is a process. With your help we can give a much needed boost to our local businesses.

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    When something catastrophic happens to a neighbor, the urge to ease their heart in any way possible, is powerful. Seeing all the foundations and funds that have been created since the floods reminds me why Vermont is such a special state.

     A core value here at Gordon’s is to support the community that supports us.

    We knew we needed to help in some way.

    We decided to donate 5% of our July retail sales to the Vermont Main Street Flood Recovery Fund, as it is specifically for small businesses, just like us.  Getting Vermont’s small businesses back up and running, means people are back to work, and perhaps able to breathe a little bit easier. – Kelly Clements, President of GWD


    Vermonters are known for their sense of community, for taking action, and for being incredibly resilient in the face of adversity. All of this and more has been on full display in this time of crisis. Through giving of both time and money, volunteers and donors are already having a substantial impact, and affected communities are rolling up their sleeves and beginning the hard work of rebuilding. But it will take time, and it will take funding well beyond the means of many of the individuals, small businesses, farms, and communities involved.

    The Vermont Main Street Flood Recovery Fund is raising money to provide grants to Vermont’s small business owners impacted by July 10th’s flooding. These Vermonters are vital to our communities and we will do all we can to support them through this crisis.

    The Fund will provide grants in the range of $2,500-$10,000 to cover costs such as equipment replacement, supplies and help with clean-up.

    This will help bridge the need until further support is available.


    Our friends over at VBSR (Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility) has compiled opportunities for businesses to both receive support and provide support, including:

    • Clean up safety, mold prevention & waste removal
    • Assessing and reporting damage to your business
    • Tips for reopening and resuming operations
    • Opportunities to receive financial, legal & volunteer assistance
    • Resources for supporting people in need with food, shelter & services
    • Resources for supporting employees, including unemployment assistance and other programs
    • How to stay informed as new information and resources become available
    • Ways to donate your time and money in support of affected businesses.

    Learn more here.

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