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    2022 was a very good year for GWD!

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    In 2022 we celebrated our 36th year!

    We invested in new toys, gear, and gadgets to make shade slinging super savvy!
    We also helped a fellow shade company ease into retirement! Thanks Wall Doctor for trusting us. 💚
    Thanks to EVERYONE who chose to invest in quality window decor, crafted by our 2nd generation, family manufacturing business.
    We are SO honored to be in your homes and businesses.

    Here’s a note from our amazing president Kelly:

    “There are many sounds that people commonly associate with work- phones ringing, printers printing, keyboards clacking and that is why I know Gordon’s Window Decor is a company unlike any other. The sound of Gordon’s is the sound of laughter. As I’m writing this I hear laughter in the showroom between new clients and our fabulous Amy, laughter in the office next door to mine, as Jenn helps a client over the phone, and I know that if I walk in on a meeting amidst the fierce conversations that result in learning and continuous improvement, I will also hear laughter. This Team is driven by learning and, of course, by helping our clients make their spaces more beautiful and more comfortable, and that in itself is incredible, but it is the joy that sets us apart. Reflecting on the year past is a montage of moments filled with laughter and as I look forward to the New Year I am filled with eager anticipation for the joy to come. Thank you all for being a part of the Gordon’s family and may the year ahead be joyful.”

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