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    Team Tilly Surpasses Goal by Thousands!

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    What a weekend!  The Gordon’s Team was spread out all over the map – some of us in Vermont, others in New York, and some more in Atlantic City!  To document all of our stories, we’re doing a three-day blog spread.  First up: Reporting back on the Team Tilly Tent Sale and Great Strides CF Walk! teamtilly_lime

    We named our team after the daughter of our colleague, Brian.  Tilly, the adorable 7-month-old, was born with Cystic Fibrosis.  The Great Strides walk is put on by the CF Foundation, so naturally we jumped at the opportunity to walk to raise money for research and a cure.

    Our original goal was $1,500.  It seemed like a good goal to have, as a team of 10 or so people.  But we soared past this number and rang in at $4,000!  And our team grew!  Tilly was in attendance with many members of her family.  Woohoo!

    Tilly also learned how to clap at the walk!  Apparently she picked up on all the applause around her, and now she claps when prompted!  Too cute.

    A beautiful day for a walk!
    A beautiful day for a walk!
    Go Team Tilly!!
    Go Team Tilly!!

    All teams that participated in the Great Strides Walk raised a grand total of $104,207.

    A big thank you to all of our family, friends, associates, and everyone else who donated.  And another special thank you to those who attended our tent sale, where we raised $525 toward our goal and had an awesome time doing it!  The wind actually made us forgo the tent and set up in the p, but that’s ok!  We enjoyed Cold Hollow cider and donuts just the same! (Thanks Cold Hollow!)

    Kelly, Jody, Matt, and baby Carly, selling our fabulous fabrics.
    Kelly, Jody, Matt, and baby Carly, selling our fabulous fabrics.

    We didn’t sell all the goods, though!  We still have many items from our “oops” collection – custom-made treatments, most are brand new, selling for deep discounts.  Stop by the store and see what you can find!

    We've got pillows!
    We’ve got pillows!
    We've got rugs and drapes and curtains galore!
    We’ve got rugs and drapes and curtains galore!

    Stay tuned for the next few days to hear about the other adventures we had this weekend!  We’re doing all kinds of great things!

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