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Vermont Country Campers

Excessive parking lot reflective glare, intense heat gain did not make for happy ‘campers’ in Vermont Country Campers office.

Gordon’s to the rescue!

Client Need

Offices and Parts Department were experiencing excessive glare and heat gain.


It was important for the sales staff also to have a visual when customers were checking out the lot for their next camper.

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The second floor conference room overlooked the service department.  The VTCC staff, were looking for privacy and room darkening shades. They frequently do video presentations.

Our Solution

Gordon's installed in the office and parts department a white/beige 3% openness fabric to match the interior. This fabric cut down on heat gain, computer glare, and enabled the sales staff to service customers checking out the inventory

In the conference room we installed a room-darkening, latte colored fabric, to match the interior.


This has made for a nice private location for meetings.

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