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    Founded in 2002 by Bill Cherry and his longtime friend, Jeff. Bill had pursued a career in brewing while Jeff had created his own electrical engineering company. Jeff convinced Bill that between his business experience and Bill’s brewing experience they could make a serious go at their own brewery.

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    Brewery, Retail Space

    Modern Day Brewery

    In June of 2014 we revamped our small tasting room at the brewery into the Tap Room at Switchback. This has provided us with an outlet to showcase experimental brews and limited release batches you usually can’t find anywhere else. It has also allowed us to host beer themed events including Stretch & Sip Yoga, Cheese and Beer Pairings and various educational classes. The patrons were enjoying tasty beverages and ballyhoo, yet the glaring afternoon sun was making the Tap Room uncomfortable. Gordon’s to the rescue!

    Client Need

    As Manfred Mann’s Earth Band would sing, the bartender and patrons were “Blinded by the Light” from the afternoon sun once it hit the large, South facing windows Tap Room.

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