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Radiant Roman shades

Abigail’s client wanted a very classic look for her home. She suggested cordless Roman Shades.

photo 2 Oh no, naked windows!

One of the biggest advantages to using Romans in your home are their timeless style. Romans have been around for decades.  With a wise fabric selection, the design of this shade will extend the life of your window decor for years to come.

IMG_3058 Ready to hang!

Client Need

Abigail designed two completely different looks for their home, yet still maintaining continuity with Romans.

One, with a fun and whimsy pattern, the other; a crisp white with the most delicious accent navy/grey/beige banding.

This could have been a 'plain white shade', but Abigail added this classic banding that really adds such a distinct design to the Romans.

Also, these shades are cordless. The ease of this operation, makes them even more enjoyable and an asset to the home.


DSC_0712 Just look at the detail. Yum.



Our Solution

IMG_3059      IMG_3060

IMG_3061 SUCH a classic look.

For the other room, Abigail selected a modern floral.

IMG_3065     IMG_3067

No dangling cords here.



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