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Husky Injection Molding Systems, Inc. Milton

“We have estimated that by installing window film on these skylights a 5% peak demand reduction on the cooling load will result, thereby improving efficiency and economic status of this facility.” – Greg Baker, Efficiency Vermont.

Client Need

At the Husky facility in Milton, there is a skylight system that runs the length of the building consisting of 308 large glass panels, which let in a lot of heat. That heat was impacting the cooling requirements of the building, so Husky, along with Efficiency Vermont, worked with Gordon’s to come up with a solution.

Our Solution

To solve the problem and reduce solar gain, the team at Gordon’s decided to apply a state-of-the art window film to the skylights.

The number one goal was to reduce the solar gain from the glass panels which would help keep the building cooler and then help reduce the cooling equipment’s energy consumption. Window film is designed to deflect heat- studies show it blocks up to 80% of the sun’s heat, and it does this without blocking out all the great natural sunlight the skylights provide. So Husky was able to maintain their bright, natural light, while blocking significant amount of heat that was coming through.

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