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    I support local…

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    We asked GWD staffers, what does ‘support local’ mean to them!

    I support local…because I love being a part of my community. I chose to live in Vermont because I am in love with this state, the people, and of course the huge number of incredibly innovative small businesses. By choosing to buy my shoes at Lenny’s Shoe and Apparel and my eyeglasses at Eye’s of the World and my toilet paper from Seventh Generation I am choosing to make this state I love so dearly stronger.”

    -Kelly- President






    I support local…“because growing up in a VERY small town in Southern Vermont, I knew from the beginning that every dollar spent was a vote for the world I wanted around me. Supporting families, neighbors & friends.”

    -Jody -Media/Marketing maven







    I support local… “because when you supporting small business, not only are you contributing to the community, but you’re supporting a dream.”

    Rodman Window Decor Specialist








    I support local… “It feels good to give back to the community & help neighbors. Plus, most of the time, it’s better quality and properly sourced. “

    -Cheyanne production/customer service







    I support local...to me, two things are near the top of the list when I think of Vermont and Vermonters, and they go hand-in-hand… First, Vermont is built largely on small business – people rolling up their sleeves, putting a sign on the door, and getting things done! Second, Vermonters have each others backs. Got an overwhelming project or a sudden tragedy? We’re there for each other! So I don’t think of it so much as “supporting local” as I think of it as embracing Vermont values. It’s a no-brainer!”  -David- eCommerce Manager




    I support local… “because it supports my community which I’m a part, and my community supports me. I love knowing where my product is coming from, who it’s made by and how it’s made.”

    -Elizabeth – Window Decor Specialist







    I support local…

    “I support businesses that maintain an ethical framework in which to conduct business.”

    -Steve -Shade & Magic Maker









    I support local… “Just like Vermont, Austin, TX is a very Eco-conscious. I look forward to meeting the members of VBSR!! Cheers Ya’ll!!”

    -Kathryn – Window Decor Specialist









    I support local“because in an increasingly global world where everything is a click away, I like knowing that my dollars are helping my neighbors and friends and not some big corporation who doesn’t appreciate my business nearly as much. 

    -Nick- Client Coordinator








    I support local…

    “because It’s good for the economy.”

    -Brian – Vice President of Continuous Improvement









    support local…” Supporting local businesses is important in keeping our Vermont communities vibrant.”

    David -Commercial Sales






    C’mon down NEXT week and meet everyone!

    Join us and the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) Network  with a WHOLE bunch of fantastical small businesses, such as:

    Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity and ReStore



    Paul Frank & Collins P.C.

    Merrill Lynch Bank of America

    Truex Cullins

    Champlain Community Services

    Vermont Awards & Engraving

    Click here for event tickets


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