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David Hayes- eCommerce Manager

Say ‘howdy’ to David! He’s our eCommerce manager- extraordinaire!

David jumped on board the Gordon’s train in April of 2018 after a diverse career that’s included managing bank operations centers, starting and running his own Internet access company, and managing sales and marketing for a Vermont software company. He says he “couldn’t resist the appeal of joining a company that builds such exceptional products, is fanatical about providing a great customer experience, and has an amazing culture of friendliness, collaboration, transparency, and desire to continually improve”.

He’s “thrilled to be part of this wonderful Vermont family-owned business and excited to be able to contribute to its continued success!”

In my downtime, I like to:

“Spend time with family, watch my grandkids participate in various sports, watch professionals participate in various sports (almost the same thing, except they tend to run in the right direction), play various sports (sensing a theme here?), get outside when it’s warm, hibernate when it’s cold, watch good movies/TV shows/comedy, learn… yes, I said learn.. I can’t get enough of discovering things I didn’t know before!”

My favorite word is:


If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?:

“So hard to choose! If I only get one dinner, I guess I want someone who combines three of my favorite things – intelligence, humor, and a little quirkiness. It’s a tie! Come on over for dinner Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin!”

I support local…

“to me, two things are near the top of the list when I think of Vermont and Vermonters, and they go hand-in-hand… First, Vermont is built largely on small business – people rolling up their sleeves, putting a sign on the door, and getting things done! Second, Vermonters have each others backs. Got an overwhelming project or a sudden tragedy? We’re there for each other! So I don’t think of it so much as “supporting local” as I think of it as embracing Vermont values. It’s a no-brainer! ” 

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