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    Gordon’s at Hillside by O’Brien Farm

    History. Heart. Home.

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    Founded 6 decades ago by native South Burlingtonians Leo Jr. and Daniel J. O’Brien, O’Brien Brothers operates on a mission of providing quality construction, superb customer service, and lasting value to our customers.- courtesy of Hillside

    Courtesy of Hillside


    Hillside at O’Brien Farm is a walkable neighborhood defined by architectural variety and elegant landscaping.

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    “The O’Brien Brothers transitioned the business from cattle dealing and farming to developing and building homes, apartments and commercial spaces to help local businesses grow and thrive. In 1994, O’Brien Brothers sold the last of their herd and fully transitioned out of farming, but the cultivation and connection with the land continued to run deep within the family. Today, three residences housing three generations of O’Brien family members still reside on Old Farm Road, and while the use of the land continues to evolve, the commitment to its stewardship and the integrity and vision of the brothers guides every aspect of the Hillside at O’Brien Farm project.” courtesy of Hillside

    Hillside at O’Brien Farm is partnering with like-minded businesses and contractors, and Gordon’s Window Decor is excited to be a part of this community. With our wide selection of fabrics and personal customization, your window decor will reflect your taste whether traditional or contemporary. Your Hillside designer will work with you to make sure you’re getting window coverings that are perfect for your home and lifestyle.

    From state-of-the-art home automation with our EcoSmart Solar and EcoSmart Cellular shades to our locally handcrafted drapery, Gordon’s is Hillside’s one-stop-shop for everything window decor.


    Below are our made-in-Vermont EcoSmart Insulating Shades in another Hillside home.

    Room-Darkening Insulating Shades in the main bedroom and EcoSmart Insulating Light-Filtering fabric in Dining Room.


    Your Hillside designer will work with you to make sure you’re getting window coverings that are perfect for your home and lifestyle. Our designer, Barb Bode, is here to help guide you when questions arise that the consultants at Hillside refer to our expertise. When you have paint colors and crown mouldings on your mind, Barb is here to answer your questions and calm your nerves. Interested in motorization? Want to learn more about Top Down/ Bottom Up operation? She is here to help.

    Email her directly at:

    [email protected]

    Or give her a jingle at: 802-338-9091

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