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    Averte Natural Fold

    Bring nature to your patio doors and large windows. They work great for closet doors or room dividers.

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    Natural Shades, also known as Woven Wood Shades are for the homeowner/business owner who LOVES texture! Materials such as reed, bamboo, grass, paper and jute, will fill any space with natural, gorgeous textures, delicious warmth, and soft light. Each fabric is woven by skilled artisans- with exceptional details. Customizable with trimmings, beading and operable linings, Natural Woven Shades have the power to transform your home.

    You might know of Natural Woven Roman Shades, but did you know about Averté Natural Fold? Ideal for larger spans of glass, sliding doors and perfect when coordinating with Woven Wood Shades!

    Averté Natural Fold by Horizons Window Fashions are created with handwoven fabrics that gently fold and move like drapery. This versatile treatment can be used on a window/door like drapery, on a patio/sliding door like a vertical blind or as a room divider. Since it is hand-transversed, there are no draw cords to tangle or break. Design them as side panels and they will create a dimensional look much like traditional fabric stationary panels.  Averté Natural Fold operates with a gentle push on the guide rail or with decorative knobs, for when a split-draw is needed. Available with the ease and convenience of motorization, as well as multiple decorative rod options and traversing rods.

    Ready to explore the wondrous world of woven woods? Schedule now.

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